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Top 6 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher of 2023

Cleaning your lawn area or garage can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there is one tool that can facilitate the process. It is an incredibly useful machine for vacuuming indoor-outdoor or indoor spaces and is faster than raking leaves.

Also, the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher is powerful and offers excellent value for money.

Few tools are as useful as a vacuum cleaner. With a leaf vacuum, you can detonate an internal or external area in a split of the time you consume to rake and sweep an area.

You can remove the pollen from your balcony, clean the mast, clean the gutter, remove the leaves and snow from the roof and clean the interior of an old car in an instant.

Here Is The List of The Top 6 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher:

What is The Commercial Leaf vacuum cleaner?

An improper term, because the vacuum cleaner not only sucks but blows, vacuums, and mulch, often switching from one activity to another by merely pressing the button, whether it is gasoline, battery, or electric motor, the ventilator uses a powerful mechanism to breathe at several cubic meters per second and expel the air at high speed.

Some say that earlier versions were changed by fumigators and used for commercial cleaning. But in fact, as early as 1870, a very similar invention was used and continues to be used for many years, the commercial snowblower, which has almost the same design.

However, after 1978, more than a million leaf blowers were sold in the United States alone as it developed small and compact units.

A remarkable fact is that the first gas vacuum cleaners were not only powerful but extremely noisy, a characteristic which pushed the cities of Los Angeles to ban their use.

Since then, manufacturers have reacted by producing electric blowers with quieter electric leaf blowers, but have also developed blowers with low vibration gas oriented leaf blower. That it is not so much what irritates them, but the vibration of sound.

If you want to know more about this cleaning product, this is the place for you. We cover the top 6 models for 2023 and also provide a guide to buying the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher.

1.Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf blower Vacuum

Expert Score
Drying power9.3
Suction power9.1
Light weight8.7

Electric blower, 3 in one, vacuum, and mulcher, Toro 51621 is powerful enough for an electric leaf blower and will do the task for a regular lawn.

Although it is not a commercial or almost commercial blower, but excellent for most domestic uses, especially if you have a small or medium lawn. It is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend more.

 And it’s perfect for dry leaves and cut grass. The unit comes with a high power blower that can generate up to 250 miles per hour of wind.

You can control the air intake speed and the blowing speed with the unit. The bull also has a metal, the fan-shaped part inside the body, which is cut and covered with mulch.

 Many competitors use plastic wheels. Another essential feature is a concentrator nozzle for fabrics and corners. Toro itself produces the electric motor, which has an excellent reputation for reliability, and all parts fit comfortably and smoothly.


  • High power in a variable speed fan of 250 km/h.
  • Although powerful, the Taurus is quiet.
  • The leaf collector is robust and well designed
  • It comes with many pricing tools.


  • There is no instant switching. I must switch the unit off to change the function.

2. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper

Expert Score
Easy to use10
Value for money9.6
Light weight9.6
Battery life9.0
Drying power8.4

The BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper is incredibly light. As such, you can mulch for hours without any effort, and this had to make the best list of the leaf vacuum.

It also is a cordless device for environmentalists searching for a cordless vacuum leaf mulcher. With a 40 V battery, it has more power than a compact battery.

Therefore, you can work for more extended periods without having to bear the burden. The battery continues to charge longer, which is an advantage in my books. As for the charge, the full charge takes 1 hour.

The blower has a maximum speed of 125 MPH, which is low. However, cleaning your yard or garage will be very simple.


  • It is easy and allows extended periods of use without fatigue.
  • The fan accessory has a scraping tool to remove tangled leaves and sticky debris.
  • Zero-emission


  • Lack of power to work on wet leaves
  • It only takes 20-30 minutes when fully charged

3. KIMO 20V lithium 2 -Cordless Leaf blower

Expert Score
Light weight9.8
Value for money9.6
Easy to use9.5
Battery life9.3
Drying power9.2

Vacuum cleaner/sweeper with a 2 in one battery, this silent and versatile vacuum cleaner eliminates the need to pull a power cord 10 to 15 meters around the yard to plug it into bushes or other obstacles,

With popular reviews on the Internet, this 2kg lightweight vacuum and vacuum cleaner is perfect for blowing on an entryway, balcony, or sidewalk.

Kimo has a charge of about 20-minute and is activated by the built-in battery and a switch trigger. Just pull the trigger, and the copper motor comes to life.

A relatively small blower the size of a shoebox, the Kimo is ideal for minor jobs, but if you possess a large yard or wet sheets, this is certainly not your type.

However, for about a reasonable fee that won’t break most people’s banks, this can be a perfect blower for those who don’t want a blower that weighs twice as much.

Small work owners love the kimono for its ease and power. It is silent but can be easily used even by the young and the old.


  • Weighs only 2 kilograms.
  • Charging takes approximately 20 minutes.
  • Ventilate enough to perform most small and medium activities.
  • Being wireless means there are no messy extension cables to manage.


  • It is not a large leaf blower.

4. DEWALT DCBL720B lithium-ion fan XR Brushless Blower

Expert Score
Easy to use9.8
Light weight9.5
Drying power9.2
Value for money9.0

The blower has a unique axial fan design and can effectively maximize airpower and uptime with the DCBL720B. The DEWALT DCBL720B is equipped with a variable speed trigger and a speed lock, which gives users maximum blower control.

It offers a maximum transfer rate of 400 cubic meters per minute of air volume and 150 km of airspeed per hour.

This blade crusher has a light and ergonomic design and weighs only 7.1 kg. It produces only 61 decibels, which makes it suitable for morning operations. The device has a brushless motor and can be used longer. However, its battery is sold separately.

Dewalt is a battery-powered blower that absorbs 450 cubic meters of air and exhausts it at speeds of up to 150 km/h.

Therefore, compared to units operating at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour, it can be described as light to standard duty. However, Dewalt has several positive features.

One is a brushless motor, which not only lasts longer but is relatively quiet, with 61 decibels of noise. Another feature is a cruise control trigger, which allows you to set the unit to a continuous speed level without pressing the trigger.

Also, the battery is centered on the device to reduce arm tension. Another significant feature is the air intake system. It is at the back of the system, not the sides, that it can significantly reduce the possibility of clothing being trapped in the air intake system.

Finally, the large blowing tube expels a high and high level of air, making it much easier to finish the job in less time.


  • The unit is efficient in its activity, due to its superior performance of 150 km/h of speed and 400 cfm.
  • Easy to use and portable. It does not cause muscle pain.
  • Its brushless motor makes it efficient and durable. It has a variable shutter release and a speed lock.
  • Minimizes noise and can be used without disturbing neighbors.
  • DEWALT DCBL720B is exceptionally reliable and sturdy in operations and can be used for quick cleaning.


  • It should have come with more power to make things more effectively.

5.Greenworks 40V 185 MPH 24322

Expert Score
Easy to use9.3
Battery life9.0
Light weight9.0
Drying power8.9
Value for money8.7

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH 24322 is today the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher on the market. It comes with a brushless motor, which has many advantages over previous electric motors.

It offers higher efficiency and lower operating temperatures, which means that it ultimately weighs less and consumes less energy than brush motors of equivalent power.

Also, this model uses the Greenworks range of batteries, so the batteries can be replaced to power different tools at work or can be used sequentially to extend the range.

This model also has variable speed and can fly up to 185 mph, allowing you to move or inhale heavy, wet, or stubborn blades. It also weighs a little over 11 kilograms when the bag is seated, which makes it much more comfortable than many models of similar power, which reduces arm and back tension during the day.

The only objection we have with this model is that the battery lasts much less time during aspiration, rather than blowing, ranging from 40 to 50 minutes to around 20. If the efficiency improves, we would like this model more, but because it’s still a great buy.


  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed
  • Greenworks battery line
  • Lightweight


  • Battery life varies by activity

6. BLACK + DECKER 3 In 1 Electric Leaf Vacuum Cleaner

Expert Score
Easy to assemble9.7
For hardwood floors9.3
For cleaning up hair9.2
Suction power9.0
For stairs9.0

Black and Decker high-performance blower, extractor, and shredder is the opposite of Kimo. It weighs 8 kilograms, and a power switch to 180 or 250 miles per hour shows why. To help you manage your weight is a comfortable back strap, which helps a lot.

There is enough to like about the Black and Decker BV 6000. For example, it has the ability to mulch a large number of 16 kg sheets into a pound. And there is a lot of power in the 12-volt motor.

It also comes with a concentrator nozzle that allows you to focus the airflow over a small area and an oscillating nozzle, which will expand the blown air into a more substantial area without necessarily driving the car from left to right.


  • Tranquil 68 dB motor
  • CD-ROM system specially designed to hold the cable in place.
  • Two speeds at the touch of a button.
  • Extraordinary mulching system


  • Not all extensions work.
  • You may need to purchase a cable in good condition.

What To Look For When Buying A Vacuum Cleaner?

Maintaining a garden is tagged as an impossible task. You just have to know how to choose the right tools. Among these is the blower. But you will wonder about the criteria to consider before buying this device.

For this, it is necessary to orient your choice according to the size of your garden, but also be sure that its maintenance does not require technical skills.

The blower is essential for blowing the leaves of the paths in your garden. Vacuum blower or blower vacuum for more comfort, you will also have to choose the power source: thermal, electric, or battery. A bag with a speed variation, backpack, or wheels: follow the advice of the guide.

The Benefit Of Using Commercial Leaf Blower Vacuum

  • Most modern leaf vacuums will mulch by taking leaves, breaking them into small pieces. You can simply cut the leaves and blow them on the grass, which, if it is not too deep, will quickly decompose on the ground.
  • Usually, it is not necessary to pack the mulched grass from a leaf vacuum. Still, if there are a lot of leaves, the best thing about modern leaf blowers is that you can put a bag collection in the blower and collect them, for use on shrubs, roses, or other areas of the garden to protect themselves from winter or simply dispose of them or add them to a compost heap.
  • One of the very practical advantages of having a leaf blower is to reduce the effect of pollen on people with allergies. When dust is heavy in the air, it is usually built on the front door or balcony, ready to be thrown inside.
  • However, if you frequently remove pollen from your home, allergy sufferers in your family will appreciate it.
  • Another very practical use of a leaf blower is cleaning the gutter. When the gutter gets blocked, the rain drains poorly and can cause water to accumulate in the yard and even water damage in the house.
  • Another very practical use of a leaf blower is cleaning the ventilation holes of the dryer. Professional drying ventilation services can cost $100 or more. With a leaf dryer, you can clear this opening in a minute or two and do your homework every week without sweating.
  • Finally, there is the internal cleaning of the machine. It’s incredible the amount of dirt and grime that has accumulated in the cracks of your car. And while a portable vacuum is useful, the incredible strength of your vacuum will explode all the debris collected in your car or truck in the shortest possible time.

Types of Leaf Blowers

There are three types of leaf blower, gas-powered, corded electric, and battery-powered blowers. In these three groups, there are leaf blowers that simply blow, leaf blowers that also mulch, and leaf blowers that also vacuum. Those who do all three would be 3 in 1 device.

Gas-Powered Lawn Blowers

Most growing trading companies use this. Most have the power unit in a backpack, and a long, flexible extension is attached to the blower unit.

The gas-powered are very hostile to the environment. It is said that an hour’s gas emissions are equivalent to a car traveling 350 miles.

They emit not only profoundly, but they are also loud. A complete system, operating at full power, is not as loud as a gas-powered lawn blower. It does not exceed the power of a gas blower and, if you can use one in your area, the electrical units will be blown away.

Electric Cable Blowers

Although not as powerful as gas blowers, electric cable blowers have many of the same features and more. Often much more comfortable than gas units, the blow, vacuum, and mulching function. They also are much quieter.

The two major problems are those without cable, without power. And wired units involve trees, poles, bikes, cars, etc.

Another problem is that, whatever the technology, they often release the cable during forced use. Also, if there are many supports, it is problematic to get such an extension.

Blowers With Battery

A battery-powered blower is presented as a solution to blower problems, but the problem is that to get enough energy, the battery charge runs out quickly.

It is not uncommon for a battery-powered fan to discharge in 10 minutes. So unless you operate only a small fraction of the yard, the battery-powered blower is not a reliable option.

The Buying Guide About Top 6 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

There are many things to put into consideration if you want to buy the best commercial leaf cleaner.

First, there is the decision between the type of leaf blower (gas, corded electric, and battery-powered). Although less environmentally friendly and much more significant, the best absolute units run on gas.

Gas-powered leaf vacuums cleaners will plow through a pile of leaves like a hot knife through the butter.

The problem is that if you don’t live in the country, the noise levels of gas-powered leaf blowers, which can create between 80 or 90 decibels and are louder than a diesel train traveling at 75 km/h — may be prohibited by municipal by-laws.

Corded Electric leaf blowers, so before purchasing one, consult your local zoning board. Most people buy corded that work well and are visibly quieter, although the problem is that the corded are usually broken or tangled.

Therefore, people choose battery-powered leaf blowers, which work just as well, but have a short lifespan.

Cordless versus Corded

Handheld blowers have several options for the type of energy. Gas blowers are historical, but today, electric blowers are more prevalent in portable devices because gas blowers require regular maintenance and fuel.

There are two types of handheld electric blowers:


Electric leaf blowers with cable are a cheap option and avoid gasoline difficulties or recharging the batteries. Just connect this type of blower to an appropriate extension, and you’re ready to blow leaves and debris from flower beds, hallways, and more.

The practical operation of an electric leaf blower with cable is compensated because it can only operate in areas within reach of the extension cable. Therefore, this type of leaf blower is not the right combination if it has many maintenance properties.

However, wired electric leaf blowers are lighter and easier to use, making them the right choice if you only need a blower for occasional use near an energy source.


One of the most popular leaf blowers on the market, cordless models, offers the comfort and peace of mind of an electric model with no cable. Just make sure you have a powerful battery on board and find leaves and debris everywhere and anywhere.

Sometimes the battery weight can add extra weight to a cordless leaf vacuum, but it’s still a lot lighter than a portable model with a full fuel tank.

As long as you don’t plan to use the blower for extended periods (or preferably, you should have a spare battery in place), you may be satisfied with the flexibility of a wireless blower.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Leaf Blower Vacuum

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Either gardener loves the devices, or they hate them. Because leaf blowers, besides their advantages, also have many disadvantages.

Advantages of the Leaf Blower Vacuum

With a leaf blower and a mulcher, garden owners save a step. The foliage is fully compostable. Saving time is the most significant advantage, as long as you work with a powerful device.

The Disadvantages Of The Leaf Blower Vacuum

Probably the biggest drawback of the leaf vacuum is its operating volume. The devices generate up to 115 dB (A). Neighbors and nearby residents will adequately consider the suspicious operation.

The noise level disturbs not only people but also wildlife. Because of the large volume of leaf extractors, the devices are warned that hearing protection should be used to prevent hearing damage.

The Difference Between Inexpensive And Expensive Leaf Blowers

Much less noisy than a general thermal model, the electric leaf blower solves remove wet and clogged leaves, but also small stones or pieces of branches that clutter your terraces, doors, or other parts of your garden.

Besides its ability to collect plant debris at an accessible collection site, it can also include suction or grinding features.

Also, the power supply (with cable or battery) and the functionalities (speed, weight) are among other parameters that make it difficult to choose this garden equipment when you are not well informed.

But make sure that by following our guide, the leaf blower has no more secrets for you, and you will know how to choose.

Electric Or Thermal

A leaf blower works with an electric or thermal motor.

The choice of the engine depends mainly on the area covered. The electric blower is intended for domestic use, in areas less than 2000 m 2. It is generally equipped with a power cord for connection to the mains or a removable battery.

On the other hand, the thermal blower is much more potent in a 2 or 4 stroke petrol engine. It is suitable for areas of 2000m or more and promotes total freedom of movement. It is large, more polluting, and superior to the electric model.


The motor power to choose depends on the surface, but also on the density of the soil to be covered. Uneven ground with wet leaves requires a more powerful engine than flat ground with dead leaves.

Electric motors are less powerful than internal combustion engines, but the domestic usage for which we intend them defines this.

Therefore, electric blower motors typically have between 1000 and 3000 watts (W) of power. However, the vacuum models have a minimum power of 2500 W. As for the motors, they offer a capacity of 25 cm³ and 50 cm³, up to 70 cm³ for specific professional models.

Weight and Reach system

The weight of the gadget is an essential criterion before each choice; Don’t forget that it goes with power. Otherwise, the more influential the device, the more difficult it will be.

Electric models measures between 3 and 6 kg, while thermal fans range from 4 to 18 kg. Also, there is a different range of systems. The lighter models are portable models with a shoulder strap to lighten the weight of the arm.

As for the more massive models, I wore them at the back with a comfortable harness, adaptable to all body types. Also, there are blowers with wheels attached to the end of the vacuum tube.

They make it easier to guide the device by reducing the weight supported by the arm. Also, the rollers prevent the machine from rubbing on the ground, at the risk of being used quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

We are nearing the end of the game in this review, but let me answer a few frequently asked questions about Leaf vacuum mulcher.

How To Convert From A Blower To A Vacuum?

There is no single-blade vacuum mulcher. Most of these devices come with a blower, vacuuming, and mulching feature. This means that you have to convert the device.

Most devices have a blower and a vacuum nozzle. Often, the suction nozzle is attached to the disperser under the blower. The fan acts as a rotor and connects the waste bag to which the blower nozzle is added.

How Efficient Is A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher On Wet Leaves?

If you compare your performance when vacuuming and mulching wet leaves with your performance when vacuuming and mulching dried leaves, you will be disappointed. First, the soggy leaves are larger and more challenging to pick up.

Also, it is difficult to mulch wet leaves. These machines are only excellent when working with dry leaves.

How Does A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Work?

They draw the leaves through the vacuum nozzle, which is crushed by the rotor, which also acts as a fan. During the destruction, reduce the size, allowing you to use fewer bags to keep the mulch.

They store the mulch in a bag that is directly attached to the device.

Can I Use A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher On Gravel?

Yes, but it’s not something I recommend, especially when working with a vacuum cleaner with a plastic rotor. The vacuum will absorb the gravel, which will damage the impeller.

How To Clean Clogs?

Removing clogs in commercial leaf vacuum mulches is very simple. The wheels are accessible through a door where the barrier can be removed.

Also, you can try to avoid clogs. Clogs are often the result of acorns and branches. To prevent clogging, avoid using these devices to vacuum this waste.


If you choose a gasoline, electric, or battery-powered machine, it will completely clean the compound. Today we looked at some of the best leaf vacuum, mulcher, and leaf blower machines on the market.


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