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Top 6 Best Shower Squeegee For Glass of 2023

To keep your shower pristine, wash after wash, you will find that the best shower squeegee for glass is indispensable. It’s a simple, almost forgettable item, but if you use it, you will find that it is key to a pristine bathroom and an essential part of your shower cleaning routine.

We would suggest that a squeegee is the one simple item that makes the most difference in cleaning your bathroom.

If you are looking to revitalize your shower routine, skip the soaps and shampoos and head right on to your approach to keeping your shower clean. Water droplets and grubby marks can make even a brand new cubicle look tired and dreary.

On a chilly morning or in a tight schedule, there is nothing more inviting and refreshing than being able to head into a squeaky clean shower cubicle and get a hot steamy shower going straightway.

In addition, a clean, moisture-free shower just makes your bathroom seem so much more inviting and pleasant.

If you are stepping over moldy sponges and soap scum or are unable to see out of your shower glass, a deep clean and ongoing maintenance will be well worth the investment.

Apartment Therapy, the popular home design website, suggests that you should ‘Get a squeegee, put it in your shower, and use it after every shower.

Comparison Table of Shower Squeegee For Glass in 2023

Here Is The List of the Top 6 Best Shower Squeegee For Glass

Here, we break down everything you need to know about this ingenious tool and look at your top picks for the best squeegee on the market!

  1. Editor Choice: OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee
  2. Best Overall: Desired Tools Squeegee for Shower
  3. Best Handheld: Oxo Good Grips  Squeegee
  4. Best Glass Shower Door: OXO Good Grips Squeegee
  5. Best Value: HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee
  6. Best Sequeegee Shower Cleaner: Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee

Without further ado, here is our selection of candidates for the best squeegee for glass reviews of 2021.

1. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

Expert Score
Easy to hold9.5
Easy to clean9.5
Quality of material9.3
Easy to use9.3
Suction power9.1

This squeegee is an absolute best seller with over 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon alone. It is not hard to see why with this simple, attractive design from a well-respected household name.

The founder of OXO originally created the popular range of practical and ergonomic tools to aid his wife, who suffered from mild arthritis and thus the ‘Good Grips’ brand was born.

The company has grown since the 1990s from a basic vegetable peeler to hundreds of products spanning every conceivable domestic activity. It is, therefore, no surprise that this squeegee possesses great form and function.

Its considered design and lightweight structure will make it easy to reach for daily cleaning tasks, but despite having a noticeably slim profile, it is robust enough for repeated use.

It has a durable, 10-inch silicon blade which is just right for tacking the surfaces of shower cubicles of varying dimensions and the flexibility of the blade means it will tackle tiling well too. OXO assure that this squeegee has been designed to deliver fast drying with a streak-free finish.

The ‘Good Grips’ effect kicks in with this squeegee’s soft, ovoid 5-inch handle, which provides a comfortable and secure palm grip for even the slipperiest hands.

Wipe away with low to no resistance for a fast finish. The simplicity and ease of handling mean this tool will make quick work of foggy mirrors and windows and soapy surfaces.

Added to the package is an extremely handy suction cup holder for your squeegee, meaning it can take its place on your shower door for maximum convenience. This feature is extremely popular with reviewers and almost always forms part of their buying decision.

However, the failure of this little cup really ruins the product for most, but OXO advises that the optimal shape of the suction cup can be restored by placing it in hot water for 3 minutes then air drying.

On Amazon, this product is running with a high rate of positive reviews, with users praising its performance and longevity. For one owner, the OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee is still going strong after 5 years.

The suction hook is the standout feature and where it does not fail, it is reported to work well. Hanging up the squeegee after use is thought to prolong its life.

Key Features:

Easy to use: The OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee makes it easy to clean windows and other surfaces without the hassle of using multiple tools.

Warranty: It’s durable, compatible with most window types, comes with a lifetime warranty, and has been used by professionals for over 15 years.

Suitable for glass or wood: This squeegee will help you get your windows sparkling clean in no time at all! You can use it on any surface that needs to be cleaned from glass to metal or wood.


  • This is a very popular squeegee from a reputable homeware brand so you can be assured of quality.
  • It looks smart and the hand-held rubber grip makes using the squeegee easy in a wet environment.
  • They competitively priced it which makes using this squeegee a very competitive choice for shower upkeep.


  • As the squeegee blade is not removable, you are left with a useless item if the blade falls.
  • The suction cup holder, while smart, needs to be more reliable as people have found it fails even after using the hot water trick.
  • Some reviewers have streaked with this tool and others found it tedious frankly.

2. Desired Tools Black Squeegee for Shower

Expert Score
Quality of material9.8
Easy to hold9.7
Easy to use9.6
Suction power9.4

Desired Tools has established itself as a manufacturer of well-designed, high quality, and useful items. This foam-handled silicone squeegee comes in black and white and ticks all the boxes for a handy household tool.

It features a silicone blade which makes getting on top of condensation in your shower or windows a breeze. The 8-inch silicone blade works without squeaks or streaks on a variety of surfaces which makes it not only good for the bathroom but also for your windows and your ride!

In addition, this product adds value as the silicone blades are replaceable, meaning you gain added longevity by buying this. The replacement blades are extremely popular with 2 replacement blades supplied with the Desired Tools Squeegee and more on sale on Amazon. For grip, there is an extremely generous detachable dense foam handle that is comfortable to hold even with wet hands.

It also helps balance the squeegee if you rest it on a surface and at 10 inches, it is a handy size. This simple and sharp design is sustainable and practical and can be hung upside down from its handle after use. This is a very popular product with many positive reviewer ratings online.

Purchasers praise its ease of use and the performance of its silicone blade. It is hard wearing and versatile and is doing the job on cars and other household surfaces, making it a great all-around choice.

It is popular with pro cleaners and many are buying over one for different parts of the house, showing that this indeed is a candidate for the squeegee.

Key Features:

Easy removing dirt: This squeegee will remove any soap residue, dirt, or water spots from your glass doors or tiles. So, this will save you time and money.

Foam handle: It also has a foam handle that makes it easy to grip. So you can use it with one hand while still being able to keep the other hand free.

Portability: This squeegee is portable. So you can take it anywhere! You can do a small remote Job. In this pandemic situation, you can earn extra money with it.

Easy to clean: Cleaning up after yourself should be quick and easy. This is why the company designed its black squeegees with convenience in mind.


  • The Desirable Tools squeegee is a considered design with the replaceable blade, a very popular standout feature.
  • It is also great that you can purchase additional blades to prolong the life of this tool.
  • The chunky grip makes it easy to hold.


  • A smart means of storing the squeegee like a suction hook would set this product off.
  • There is very little that is negative to say about this handy squeegee, although users want a longer-length version (which is in the works).

3. Oxo Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee

Expert Score
Easy to use9.7
Easy to clean9.5
Quality of material9.4

OXO is at it again with an alternate squeegee that sports more refined and minimalist lines and will not look out of place in the most upscale of bathrooms.

It hasn’t strayed far from the original Farber concept as it boasts a full-length, comfortable grey handle of just under 9 inches.

The blade is just over 9 inches and is inspired by a car windshield for effective moisture clearance with a sweeping movement that will work for a large glass shower enclosure.

The precision-engineered silicone blade makes short work of a shower cabinet and flexes with your wipe to deal with uneven tiles surface with minimal resistance.

In addition, storage is a cinch with a very handy swivel hook handle which allows the squeegee to be conveniently stored on any hook with minimal fuss.

It has had a mixed reception online and is often compared to other OXO squeegees, which have a different shape. As with most products, negative reviews are due to product failure, in particular, the performance of the silicone blade and the rubber hook at the end of the handle.

Failure of the hook attachment has the potential to really let down this model, as it is molded to be part of the handle. Positive reviews are plentiful, in keeping with the OXO brand, and praise the blade’s flexibility and its performance on tiles.

Key Features:

Multipurpose tool: The OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee is the perfect tool for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. Perfect for multipurpose.

Design: It features an ergonomic design with a flexible rotating hook to make it easy to clean any window or mirror in your home. So, it will help you to save energy.

Soft and Comfortable: This squeegee also has a softness and low weight. So it’s comfortable to hold while you’re cleaning. As a result, you can work for a long time with no tiredness.


  • Attention to detail with the windshield wiper action is smart and enables quick completion of your cleaning.
  • The blade appears to be of good quality and flexible enough to handle tiles and flooring
  • A handy hook allows presentable storage of this attractive squeegee when not in use.


  • The plastic hook may be unreliable and break, which looks unsightly and makes storage difficult.
  • Failure of the blade wrecks the squeegee.

4. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

Expert Score
Easy to clean9.6
Easy to hold9.5
Easy to use9.2
Suction power9.1

This near iconic design is also an OXO best seller and one of the most popular shower squeegees on the market. It looks amazing with its sleek lines, bulbous handle, and real metal detailing, and is sought after as a stylish cleaning tool that works in any bathroom.

The design also brings to mind an airplane with a broad 10-inch blade and shorter 6-inch pear-shaped rubber handle with signature ‘Good Grips’.

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee can tackle a variety of moist and soapy surfaces with a flexible blade that makes short work of mirrors, windows, and shower screen.

Despite being made of metal, the squeegee is surprisingly lightweight and there are no reviews that indicate the metal has caused damage to surfaces or glass.

This in-demand household tool also stores beautifully in a supplied plastic suction cup, which will look great on your shower wall.

All parts of the squeegee maintain their finish well and from published reviews online, it appears that the metal parts are not rust-prone, and the rubber does not become moldy.

The squeegee also withstands dropping, washing in the dishwasher, and use in kitchens on cars and other environments.

The blade is not replaceable, which is a bit of a disappointment given that the squeegee is made from metal. Online reviews for the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee are favorable but a significant number cite problems with the rubber blade, which sometimes is not adequately handling the job of wiping away water.

As with the OXO All-Purpose squeegee, reviewed above the suction cup, also had the potential to fail, making the smart aesthetic of this product obsolete.

In conclusion, the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee is a good buy, provided the blade and rubber holder are up to the job on the particular unit you buy.

Key Features:

Multipurpose tool: The Oxo Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee is the perfect tool for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. Perfect for multipurpose.

Design: It features an ergonomic design with a flexible rotating hook to make it easy to clean any window or mirror in your home. So, it will help you to save energy.

Soft and comfortable: This squeegee also has a softness and low weight. So it’s comfortable to hold while you’re cleaning. As a result, you can work for a long time without any tiredness.


  • Smooth stylish design that is complete with handy storage for a statement look in your bathroom.
  • Metal is durable and smart.
  • Great value from a well-known brand.
  • No sharp edges despite being made of metal.


  • Non-replaceable blade renders the squeegee useless if the blade falls.
  • Suction cup storage has been known to fail, which spoils the great look.

5. HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee

Expert Score
Easy to hold9.7
Easy to use9.7
Suction power9.7

At last! A squeegee that comes in a variety of sizes, a common request online. HIWARE is clearly looking for market domination with their contender for shower squeegee coming in 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch blade length.

This is a great all-purpose design and will have the mastery of your shower, windows, walls, floors and counters, and more.

This attractive squeegee not only looks good but is able to achieve a streak and squeak-free shine with its durable precision blade.

It is made from 18/8 stainless steel for a rust-resistant and stylish accent to any shower encloser. Handling is easy with a generous, ergonomically designed 7.5-inch handle. A rubber handle would have been useful in a moist environment, but overall, whole squeegee is very lightweight.

The squeegee also comes with waterproof adhesive hooks, enabling it to be hung up anywhere using the hole in the metal handle. This stylish squeegee has great online reviews and boasts a smart finish in any bathroom.

People appreciate the variety of lengths available, and some people use this squeegee on their floors. The hole in this squeegee is of concern as it is not clear what happens if water gets inside the squeegee and stagnates, but there is no evidence of this being an issue for online reviewers.

The blade is removable, but replacements are not available, which is a shame. If you have a young family, you should keep it from children as it is quite sharp and potentially can cause damage. Also, the non-grip handle proves too slippery for some.

Key Features:

Suction power: The squeegee has suction power, adhesion, and 100% rust-resistant stainless steel that makes cleaning your shower quick and easy.

Streak-free: It also has a unique usability design that allows for streak-free cleaning every time. This will increase your experience and save you time.

Easy to store: It’s easy to store. So you can keep this handy tool on hand at all times! You can easily take it anywhere and store it in your house.


  • Sleek smart design with a stainless steel finish.
  • Users say that this squeegee performs reliably on a range of surfaces.
  • Available in other blade lengths


  • Sharp parts on this squeegee could injure or damage walls.
  • Unclear, if the removable blade can be replaced

6. Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee

Expert Score
Easy to use9.8
Value for money9.7

This classic model squeegee is the original and has hopes of still being the shower squeegee on the market. The Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee is nearly 100 years old and is the design upon which most contemporary models are based.

Ettore Products Co. was founded by Ettore Steccone, an Italian immigrant who came to the US in the early 20th century, making living washing windows on a motorbike.

In those days squeegees were heavily clunky and cumbersome to repair. Ettore mastered a better design, which he gave away to window cleaners and thus the business was born. This classic ‘pro’ squeegee is fashioned in fine brass and offers superb robustness and durability.

Despite the metal, it is lightweight and ergonomically designed for maximum functionality. The 12-inch model features an expertly designed streak-free rubber blade that tackles surfaces with ease.

The blade is replaceable with other blades from the Ettore range. As a squeegee for a professional window cleaner, it can be readily attached to a pole for cleaning windows in your home as well as bathroom surfaces.

The squeegee is durable, and the brass is rust and corrosion-resistant. Reviewers recognize the quality and heritage of this brand and clearly know what they are buying.

It works well in showers and on floors, but it is clear that is not its primary use. A great choice if you want a professional-grade product for home use.

As a commercial tool, the handle is not adapted for home handheld use. This squeegee again is certainly not for a household where children could access it as it appears quite sharp.

Key Features:

Cleaning experience: The Ettore 10012 Solid Brass Squeegee is the perfect tool to get your windows sparkling. You can clean wood or hard surface as well.

Quality: It’s lightweight and made of high-quality rubber. So it will never wear out or break. It is durable and compatible.

Grip handle: It has an easy-to-grip handle that won’t slip from your hands when you need it most. This squeegee will last for years to come!

Refund Policy: If you’re not happy with the quality of our product, we’ll give you a full refund within 30 days!


  • Replaceable blades are readily available in varying lengths.
  • Durable and solid brass construction makes this squeegee very durable.
  • Where window cleaners are concerned, this brass squeegee is the original and still the best.


  • Metal and sharp parts may not be suitable for children.
  • This squeegee is not designed for home

What To Look For In The Shower Squeegee

If you are on the market for the shower squeegee for your money, you need to know what to look for. Here we breakdown 7 key factors:


You can get a quick plastic squeegee at the dollar store, but these cheap models rarely cope with the rigors of prolonged daily use. If you are having to replace a cheap squeegee multiple times, the dollars add up, making it well worth getting a new one.

Sharpness and quality:

The sharpness and quality of the rubber, the blade make all the difference between an easy clean down and an irritating ordeal. The sharpness and flexibility of the rubber blade will determine how smoothly the squeegee will work.

Also, it has to be robust, as tears, nicks, and cuts in the rubber blade ruin the surface tension and traction on the surfaces to be cleaned.

Blade length:

The longer the blade, the shorter work it will make of your glass and tiles. Window cleaning pros are keen on a length between 12 and 16 inches.

Good Grip:

A good grip makes handling your squeegee so much easier, especially in a wet environment. Also, if you use it on your windows too a handy screw attachment means you can pole mount it for high windows.

Fix and Replaceable:

Easy to fix and replaceable parts are an added bonus, meaning if you find a squeegee that is for keeps, you can keep it in great condition. Many squeegees are designed with a removable blade so you can readily replace it when it is worn out.


Storage is a major hassle for squeegees because they are in an awkward shape, and the blade is thin. Cheap squeegees often don’t have an attachment to hook or hang the squeegee up after use, which can mean it will fall into disuse quickly.


Price is always a consideration, but a good quality item that will last is well worth the expense.


Availability your squeegee should be readily available at stores for major online retailers like Amazon, meaning you can readily replace it if needed in the future.

How Does A Shower Squeegee For Glass Work?

A shower squeegee for glass is the most reliable way of quickly and thoroughly cleaning your shower to a streak-free finish. It is used, after the application of your shower cleaner or soap, to remove the cleaning solution and dirt.

A firm stroking motion drags the rubber blade across the flat surface, lifting dissolved and loosened dirt and drawing it of your surface or sparkling glass or tile. Use a squeegee after each and every shower to break up and drag down soap scum and watermarking and keep them at bay.

Despite its remarkably basic design, a squeegee uses precision physics to get your shower glass and tiling to a streak-free shine. Movement of mass, kinetic friction, and horizontal and vertical forces propel the squeegee blade to produce its characteristic performance. Adept users can rapidly get their cleaning complete with a few flashes of the wrist.

Key Squeegee Cleaning Techniques Include

Then the method is a classic window cleaning method that you may want to adopt for use with your squeegee. This involves elliptical, sweeping strokes that push water and soap away from the squeegee’s leading-edge and leave a drip and streak-free finish.

Straight horizontal or vertical strokes drag your squeegee down or across the shower pane and tap your blade on a wet area of glass to remove excess liquid. If you have drips, polish them off with a dry rag.

Hold your squeegee at an angle to prevent nuisance drips from spoiling your finish.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Shower Squeegee For Glass

Is a squeegee adequate to clean your shower?

The opinion is divided on whether a squeegee is enough to keep your shower cubicle under control. Regular use of your squeegee as part of a cleaning routine certainly holds down the build-up of dirt, soap scum, and mildew and saves on the elbow grease if you decide to deep clean later.

Depending on the products you use and their stripping power, a squeegee is more than able to keep your shower tip top and up to scratch.

Keeping consistent in your routine is seen as key as using your squeegee after every use will keep unwanted build-ups and streaks at bay, sweeping them out of the way before the shower dries and they take hold.

Every so often, it is still well worth deep cleaning and detailing your shower cubicle and fittings for a beautifully clean and fresh shower at all times.

Cleaning products to use with a squeegee

If you are determined to make a commitment to keeping up regular shower cleaning with a shower squeegee, you need the right product to assist you in cleaning quickly and conveniently. Even the squeegee cannot take on caked-on scum, hair shampoo, suds, and mold.

Using an appropriate shower cleaner lift dirt and scum like this so it can be wiped away with the squeegee. Aim for spray-down products that are quicker and more convenient than using a rag or sponge.

If you are into homemade glass cleaner, create your own in an empty spray bottle. Try these options for a fast and great looking shower clean:

Dish soap is a great all-rounder and is greatly underestimated as a grim buster. It makes a brilliant partner to your squeegee as it can be used to wash down your walls and glass quickly. Dilute for easy application by spray bottle, leave to work, then work up some suds, rinse, and squeegee to finish.

White vinegar cuts through scum and those ashy watermarks that make your shower door misty over time. Dilute to prevent damage to certain materials and metal-plated fixtures.

Household shower spray these home cleaning products have been expertly planned to deliver an effective clean in the shortest possible time, making them the ideal match for your daily shower cleaning routine. They usually need only a spray down of your shower with removal by squeegee for a smart finish.

Maintaining Your Squeegee

Once you have chosen your ideal squeegee, you need to make sure to take care of it more maximum durability. Buying a squeegee with a hook or holder will mean that you can discretely store your squeegee so that it stays dry and is away from contact that might damage the blade.

As with most cleaning tools, it is well worth drying the squeegee down before storing it. Models that have replaceable blades provide great value and it is great having some spares on hand to ensure the squeegee is always in top condition.


What Is A Shower Squeegee?

In the event that you may not be familiar with this very household item, a squeegee is a hand-held tool with a long, horizontal rubber blade that is used to move liquids effectively and efficiently across a flat surface. Your household version is adapted for the items that have been historically used by screen printers and window cleaners.

The distinctive and quirky name actually comes from an English verb ‘to squeegee‘, first coined in the 18th century! You probably have seen a window cleaner finish off their clean with a squeegee and this is where this tool comes into its own and has had the most refinement in design. Your home squeegee is a smaller and simpler version of the commercial version.

Metal or plastic squeegees, which is better?

Both materials have significant advantages for use in your shower. Plastic is clearly waterproof and lightweight, but most metal models are just as light and remain corrosion-free. For some, a metal squeegee looks more stylish and striking and a good quality model can work out as a significant investment.

The handle is critical with metal squeegees as a slippery metal handle may be awkward for some. Metal squeegees can be dangerous to children as they may possess very sharp parts.

When to replace a squeegee?

Apart from a frank product failure, the time to replace your squeegee is when the blade becomes cracked, chipped, or frankly broken. A poorly performing squeegee is not worth the hassle and so it is well worth getting your replacement sooner rather than later.

Can a broken squeegee be repaired?

If your squeegee features a replaceable blade, then yes, you can simply replace the blade. With problems like a damaged handle or broken hook, it is best to refer to the guarantee or source a new model.

Plastic vs. Metal, which is better Squeegee?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for in a squeegee. A plastic squeegee will be more durable and last longer than a metal one. But they are also heavier and less flexible.

On the other hand, metal squeegees are lighter weight and easier to use because of their flexibility. However, they can’t withstand as much pressure as plastic ones. So it really just comes down to your preference!

In Conclusion:

This round-up of squeegees represents the best shower squeegee for glass on the market in 2022. Each has its own benefits and offers quality and longevity which far exceeds the dollar store version.

Select your choice from among these for a handy home aid that keeps your shower and bathroom cleaning on track.

Replaceable blades and storage solutions are outstanding features, but the bottom line is that these squeegees can give you a no-fuss clean.

Do you have a squeegee you think should make the list? Or perhaps some feedback on the shower squeegees listed here. Comment and let us know, we would love to hear from you!


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