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6 Best Commercial Steam Cleaner for Tile and Grout of 2023

For those who are looking for an appliance that will reduce the time you spend tackling household chores, then we are here to help.

With our best commercial steam cleaner for tile and grout reviews, you will find it easier to choose the right steam cleaner for your home.

There are many brands making steam cleaners on the market, and it is easy to get confused which one will help you clean soiled surfaces while ensuring the area is sanitized.

However, to make your work easier, we have compiled the steam cleaners so that you can have an easier time choosing among the best.

We have also prepared a buyer’s guide to educate you more so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

But before we review the top-rated steam cleaners for tiles and grout, let’s look at what this appliance is and the factors you need to consider first.

What Does Steam Cleaner For Grout Actually Mean?

These are power tools for cleaning grout and other types of surfaces that need deep cleaning. They have nozzles that can hold brass brushes or special nylon designed precisely for grout cleaning. These cleaners allow you to scrub while it steams.

Cleaning ends up creating a dirty foam of water and grime that you later mop or rinse away. These appliances not only clean tile grouts but also sanitize them because of the high temperatures of the steam.

What To Look For In a Steam Cleaner for Tile and Grout?

To help you make the right choice, we have compiled several pointers that will guide you into choosing the perfect steam cleaner for tile and grout. One of the most important things to look into is the accessories that come with a steam cleaner.

There are many models of steam cleaners in the market today, and they are fitted with accessories that make cleaning your home an easier and enjoyable process. Some steam cleaners come with brushes that scrub not only grouts but also windows and other surfaces.

Others come with carpet gliders to make it easier for you to clean carpets. This means you have to choose carefully a cleaner that has all the accessories you need to clean your home. Another factor worth considering is the size and weight of your machine.

It is important to go for tile and grout cleaners that are lightweight to help you clean different areas of your home easily. One more thing to check is the functionalities. Some models allow you to adjust the steam coming out of your cleaner.

This enables you to clean different surfaces with ease. Others feature twin tank technology that allows you to choose whether you want to clean a solution with pure steam or solution.

There are also basic features you should consider, including the volume of inbuilt water tanks, length of the power cord, and other important features that suit your home.

With this information, you are now in a better position to choose the right steam cleaner for your home. Here are the top and the reviews to short out the one that matches for you.

1. PurSteam ThermoPro Steam Mop

Expert Score
Easy to assemble9.7
For hardwood floors9.3
Easy to use9.3
For deep cleaning9.3
Cord length8.7

The PurSteam ThermoPro Elite is a great mop cleaner suitable for people looking for a cheaper option with a decent range of features.

One of its standout features is its three adjustable modes. With each of the modes, you get a different steam output to help in cleaning and preserving different surfaces.

It’s one of the lightest mops you can find on the market as it weighs just 6.3 pounds. With its adjustable handle, it means you won’t tire your hands or hurt your back when using it. The mop’s head is triangular to make it easier to clean the tight corners.

The water tank capacity is 250 ml, which is sizeable to allow you to clean your entire home without the need to refill.

We can use this mop on any floor surface, including vinyl, hardwood, marble, porcelain tiles, and artistic. The power cord is extra-long, measuring 16ft, which is useful when cleaning a large room.

It’s safe for households with pets and kids as it cleans 99.9% of germs on any surface and uses no harsh chemicals. It has a detachable design that allows you to use it as a handheld unit. That’s way, you can use it to clean deeply your bathroom tiles or the kitchen using it as a glass cleaner or garment steamer.


  • It has a detachable design, which makes it versatile
  • Offers a large capacity for better runtime
  • It has an array of attachments for more functionality.


  • It may take relatively longer to heat

2. StreamFast SF-370 Steam Cleaner

Expert Score
Easy to use9.4
Value for money9.2

Here is a heavy-duty cleaner that is compact and light, yet affordable. The impressive part is it cleans anything from floors to baseboards and even oven racks.

You can use the long extension wand to clean your ceilings as well. The cleaner also comes with 15 multipurpose accessories to increase its functionality.

This model has a large tank to save you time to refill and produce enough steam to clean in the shortest time possible.

The 45-ounce tank capacity ensures that you clean with continuous steam for up to 45 minutes. The tank takes just 8 minutes to heat, thanks to its powerful 1500-watt motor that heats quickly.

Another innovative feature of this machine is the capability to clean in short bursts with the use of a steam trigger. To have a continuous flow of steam, you need to push forward the steam lock switch.

This is a great feature as your hand gets a break when cleaning larger surfaces. Also, it helps you stop and organize furniture and other objects without worrying about damaging the floors with a continuous flow.

There are also multiple accessories allowing you to decide which attachment to use on various surfaces. Some of the accessories include a scrub tool, two nylon utility brushes, two extension wands, a jet nozzle, and two microfiber pads, etc.


  • It’s light and compact for easier use and storage
  • Has multiple attachments for multiple uses
  • The lock-on steam button allows users to use the machine continuously
  • Has a large tank capacity


  • Most of the machine parts are made of plastic, hence may have quality issues

3. Dupray Home Steam Cleaner

Expert Score
For deep cleaning9.2
Easy to use9.0
Value for money9.0

Are you looking for a powerful and all-rounded machine to sterilize and clean your house? The Dupray Home Steam Cleaner can clean all your floor types, such as carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, bathrooms, and kitchens. It can also be detached and used to clean the upholstery.

The versatile unit comes with a range of accessories to make it easier to eliminate dirt, grease, mold, and other debris from any area of the house, including bathrooms, floors, mattresses, etc.

You don’t have to worry about over-steaming because you can lower and increase the steam depending on the material you are cleaning.

Dupray Home Steam Cleaner has a safety certification from ETL, which means it’s suitable for faint fabrics as well.

The powerful system can heat up to 145 degrees in less than 8 minutes, which saves time. A full tank offers up to 40 minutes of steaming with no refill.

 Dupray is a leader in North America and Europe for producing innovative and practical products that offer powerful cleaning, and this steam cleaner isn’t an exception.

It can kill 99.9% of bacteria and other microbes without using harsh chemicals. There is also an intuitive digital display system to show critical information for better control.


  • Offers powerful pressure for more efficiency
  • It has an adjustable steam control
  • The steam is super-heated in just 8 minutes


  • It May be relatively pricier

4. Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner

Expert Score
Easy to use9.7
For deep cleaning9.6
Value for money9.4

Steaming with the Dupray Tosca works great on hard surfaces such as tile, stone, slate, glass, and ceramic. When it comes to removing stains and grease, nothing beats Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner.

Its cube-shaped compact size requires less storage, and the wheels ensure easier maneuverability.

This steam cleaner features low-moisture super-heated steam, which kills bacteria and viruses. The adjustable steam control allows users to users to decide how much steam to apply when cleaning areas like countertops, furniture, mattresses, carpets, toilets, and more.

The powerful system provides 72.5 PSI pressure and can heat up to 316F in just seven minutes, meaning you spend less time to cleaning.

The Dupray Tosca Steam cleaner offers a 1.05 gallons tank, which is large enough to produce continuous steam for up to 90 minutes, making it suitable for large tasks. It has a 25-piece accessory kit that offers almost anything you need to clean your home.

The accessories have shaped conveniently to clean different areas at home. The attachments comprise a triangular tool, nylon brushes, soft microfiber cloth, brass brush, and much more.

It also offers the latest digital control, which shows the pressure, temperature, and if care is needed. There is an integrated low-water indicator that shows when the tanks need a refill.

A thermal sensor prevents overheating by turning off the heat when the unit is running dry.


  • It heats quickly
  • Offers powerful steam
  • Has a vibrant digital display
  • Offers a 3-year warranty


  • It’s a bit expensive

5. Mcculloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

Expert Score
Easy to use9.3
For deep cleaning9.1
Quality of material9.1
Suction power8.6

All the best commercial steam cleaners for tile and grout do the same thing, but not with the same quality and efficiency.

The Mcculloch heavy-duty cleaner offers excellent performance, quality, and durability; the reason we have it on this list. It has been designed for cleaning hard surfaces, but it does the job on other surfaces as well.

When you unbox the package, you should find 18 different attachments to carry out virtually any scrubbing task with ease.

Some of the attachments you get are two extension wands, two soft microfiber pads, a squeegee, two utility brushes, a scrub pad, and a mop head. The steam cleaner is capable of producing powerful steam to loosen dirt and tough stains with a few passes.

The lockable steam trigger makes it easy to control the steam, which adds convenience. With its powerful jet nozzle, it’s easier to control the flow of steam depending on the surface.

It’s equipped with a large tank that heats up in less than 10 minutes, thereby saving time. With a 48 oz. capacity, it can offer 45 minutes of continuous steam, allowing for more time to clean with less refilling.

Another excellent feature of this steam is it doesn’t come with any harsh chemicals.

This makes it safe to use near pets and children, and you save money you’d have used to purchase cleaning agents. There is a long power cord that ensures you move around all areas with ease and without switching from power sockets.

As a reasonably priced option in this category, you can be sure of getting a good return on your investment.


  • Offers a wide variety of accessories
  • It can be used on multiple surfaces
  • Offers a large tank for convenience


  • Can be relatively noisy

6. McCulloch MC1375 Steam Cleaner

Expert Score
Easy to assemble9.5
Easy to use9.3
For deep cleaning9.1

The McCulloch MC1375 is a quick solution canister steam cleaner, which performs well in getting rid of germs, grease, stains, and dirt. It offers amazing steam power with a pressure of 58 psi, which is commendable power.

The steam heats up as high as 200F, which means it can be used for personal or commercial use.

The machine uses electricity and consumes 1500 watts (about 120V). To reduce the risk of shock, McCulloch designed it with three prolonged plugs that fit into a polarized outlet in only one way.

The tank can hold 48 ounces to ensure you refill less during cleaning. This home steamer heats up in about 10 minutes and can steam continuously for an hour and a half.

It weighs less than 11 pounds and has designed with an ergonomic handle for easy carrying. It has an 18 ft. power cord, and a 10 ft. hose allowing you to reach under the furniture and all the tight spaces. The big wheels make their mobility even easier.

There are also lots of accessories to choose from, depending on the nature of the job at hand. Customers love the mop head attachment, as it can rotate 360 degrees and folds flat to allow cleaning under furniture. The triangle-shaped tool makes it easier to clean the corners and other tight spaces.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Has a large tank capacity to clean large areas
  • You can control steam power


  • The price tag can be a deal-breaker

Now that you know the steam cleaners for grout, it will be easy for you to choose the right one. However, if you are still confused or stuck with two, here is a buyer’s guide to making it easier for you;

How We Test Commercial Steam Cleaner For Tile And Grout

Before we talk about how to choose the right steam cleaners, it is important that we share the process we used to select the above top 6 perfect steam cleaners for grout.

This way, you will understand why the above models made it to our list. We started by listing all the steam cleaners designed to clean grout that had a significant number of reviews and a good rating.

After listing them, we began reading the customer’s reviews to eliminate those with a lot of negative reviews. We then looked at the price to features comparison to see those with exaggerated prices. After that, we looked at what other experts had to say about the remaining models.

They eliminated any model that was not recommended by anyone. This process left us with 13 steam cleaners, which after analyzing the features, we narrowed to the top 6 that we have reviewed in this post.

Now you know how we came up with this comprehensive list. With that in mind, let’s discuss several important things about steam cleaners and address issues you may have concerning steam cleaners.

Do I Need The Steam Cleaner Or A Traditional Cleaner?

Are you still wondering if a steam cleaner is worth an investment, or should you keep using the traditional cleaner? This is a popular belief, but the question is, which one is ideal for your home?

Steam cleaner for grout can help you sanitize your flooring, while traditional cleaners are better for quick accidents and spills.

For Steam Cleaner, Here are The Main Benefits;

It is easy to use. You just swish it around the tiles, and it will do the work. It is best for mold and tough dirt. Steam mops do a great job when it comes to stubborn dirt.

The water vapor helps to loosen grime in the grouts, which is then absorbed by its mop head. It can also clean mold easily and has a faster drying time.

  • Steam cleaners are safer for kids, as you don’t need to use toxic cleaning chemicals.
  • Steam cleaners kill harmful germs. Bacteria and germs stay in the grouts, and you can sanitize the areas with steam to keep allergies at bay.
  • Less scrubbing is needed. With a steam cleaner, you can forget hard labor. This makes cleaning work easier and effortless.

On the downside, keep in mind that they require batteries or electricity to run and are costly than traditional cleaners.

For Traditional Cleaners, Here are The Benefits;

They capture dust and dirt easily. The microfibers fitted into these cleaners do a good job of trapping dirt and dust than steam cleaners. They are safe for most flooring, except for carpet.

  • They are good for cleaning messes
  • They are affordable.

On the downside, they require physical energy to run and may need one to use toxic cleaning chemicals for them to be effective. As you can see, steam cleaners hold the upper hand here.

They do the same job as traditional cleaners, but in a better, quicker manner. However, you can still have both to have a choice whenever you want to clean your floor.

How To Use Steam Cleaner

Using this appliance to clean tile grouts is easy;

Step 1- Clean the tile. You should start by cleaning the tile area where you aim to steam clean. This helps to get rid of excess tunk, dirt, and grit that can interfere with your steam-cleaning efforts. Excess soap scum or dirt can clog your steam cleaner brush.

Step 2- Set up your steam cleaner. Fill the steam cleaner with clean water then turn it on. Put it in steaming settings as directed in the user manual. It takes a few minutes to create the steam. Attach the hose and choose the right brush that suits the size of your tile grout as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is best to start with a nylon-bristle brush that is effective on most tile grouts. For stubborn dirt, move to brass-bristle brush.

Step 3- Start to steam and scrub. After setting the ideal spraying rate, scrub the grout and the tile vigorously with back-and-forth strokes. Start by cleaning one small area, then move on to another section. If you are cleaning a wall, work from top-down to avoid dirty water running onto cleaned areas.

Step 4- rinse and repeat. After you have cleaned one section, mop and rinse. It is important to clean up the dirty water before it settles back into the grout.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Commercial Steam Cleaner For Tile And Grout

There are several things you need to consider before buying the best commercial steam cleaner for tile and grout. Some of the major factors include:


Of course, you need a cleaning machine that is easy to use, but this doesn’t mean it should not be multipurpose. That’s why the above ones are top-rated steam cleaners- because they are multipurpose.

What makes them multipurpose? It is the accessories and attachments that come with them. If possible, go for a device that features a ton of attachments to help you clean different surfaces. Look for one with brushes and nozzles of varying sizes, hose extensions, mop attachments, etc.

How advanced the attachments are is also something you should consider. Does the attachment, such as the nozzle, have multidirectional sprays to help you clean even the tile floor beneath your toilet seat? Such innovations also need to be considered.

Cleaning Power and Accessories:

You should get a steam cleaner that can clean even surfaces with stubborn stains such as tiled kitchen countertops. Therefore, when choosing a cleaning machine, make sure it can do its cleaning job effectively.

Also, the attachments need to make it versatile such that you can clean different areas, including toilets, kitchen countertops, etc.

A versatile cleaner should come with brush sizes of varying sizes as well as tons of accessories and attachments and extension hoses.

If your tiles often get greasy, you should get a powerful machine to get rid of them.

The capacity of the reservoir

You need to check your cleaner’s water tank capacity. Although this should not be a game-changer, it is a good factor to put into consideration.

You should get a cleaner with an ample water tank capacity. This should help you clean larger areas without the need to refill now and then.

With larger tanks, you will have relatively longer cleaning sessions. However, keep in mind that a larger tank makes your machine heavier.

Price and Warranty:

Price and warranty are also factors to consider. To choose the right cleaning device, always look at the warranty and its durability. Appliances with shorter warranty periods tend not to be quality enough or simply don’t last long before they develop problems.

When you choose a quality steam cleaner, you will notice that they come with a longer warranty period. You will also enjoy additional specs including, digital control, and improved durability.


What can steam cleaners clean?

Well, in addition to cleaning grout, many steam cleaners can clean a variety of other surfaces. Some are designed only for cleaning floors, but many can also clean other surfaces by changing several parts.

Some can be used to clean stubborn carpet stains and also furniture. However, what they do best is cleaning tiles and grouts. They not only kill bacteria, but also clean those hard-to-reach crevices.

Can the steam these cleaners produce hurt me?

Yes. The effective steam cleaner for tile grout produce is extremely hot. It gets cooler once it hit the tile or cold surface. Therefore, unless you direct the steam to your face or to someone, the hot steam it produces can rarely hurt you.

What’s more, most steam cleaners on the market have a safety lock feature that prevents them from harming kids and pets that may play with the steam cleaner.

Is the steam cleaner manual or automatic?

A steam cleaner although electronically powered still has to be manually operated. Therefore, you find them in numerous designs to guarantee comfort.

You will find handheld designs as well as swivel designs. However, you will find them having automatic features, but they will still need manual interference.

Will I need to have any prior knowledge before using steam clean?

No. You don’t need to have training or technical knowledge to use a steam cleaner. Many steam cleaners do not have a complicated way of using them and are designed to be easy to use. Therefore, you do not need the training to use them.

However, it is important to read the user manual that comes with your machine to know how to use it and set it up the right way.

Final Words

Cleanliness is something we should all uphold. And although keeping a home clean can be a daunting, repetitive task, it is a very important task that should not be avoided.

Your home deserves to be in pristine condition, and that’s why you need to get the steam cleaner for grout to keep it clean easily.

Our reviews of the best commercial steam cleaner for tile and grout above reveal the top-rated tools you can consider. We hope the information we have provided is enough to help you choose the right steam cleaner for your home.

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