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Top 6 Best Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors of 2023

We all know quite a lot about vinyl plank floors by now. It’s one of those surfaces that needs pretty gentle cleaning. Or else ugly scratches will be staring right back at you.

That’s very upsetting when all you want to do is clean your precious home surface. And so, investing in a way or tool that can make your clean-up hassles go away should be on the top of your priority list.

The vinyl floor has this amazing luster that almost speaks about your image to the guest. So, looking for the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors a bit more seriously should not be something to sidestep.

We are talking about the plank floors, of course. Don’t be confused here by mixing it up with the sheet floors. The hardwood resembling vinyl plank floors will need you to be a bit conscious and sensible about the type of vacuum you’re using.

Quick Look: Top 6 Best Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors

Comparison Table of Vacuum for Vinyl Plank Floors in 2023

Buying a suitable vacuum for your moisture resistance and easy clean-up promised vinyl plank floor sounds quite true and unpretentious.

Since there are quite a lot of options available, making high claims at a low price. Are they really worth your time and money? Of course not!

And so, you should look only at picks that do justice to your budget and requirements. Here are the complete reviews for the top 6 vacuum models that make homeowner’s trouble of cleaning vinyl floors fade away into smoke…

1. RapidClean Pro Cordless Vacuum

Expert Score
Light weight9.6
For hardwood floors9.0
Battery life9.0
For stairs8.8
Suction power8.8

The Eureka RapidClean vacuum comes with a powerful digital DC motor to clean at better power. It also needs 25.2 volts or 150 watts that help to save bucks from current bills and other costs.

This vacuum features LED headlights to support you to view better while cleaning in dark places.

Also, the Eureka brand concern about their buyer comfort thus they design the lighted path. With this option, you don’t have to worry about cleaning under furniture any longer.

It as well comes with easy rest features with a unique slim nozzle profile design to rest in the corner. This thing also helps to give you a painless way to store in the front of the pole. With the feature, you can easily secure it in your kitchen or behind the door to lie down easily.

Additionally, the North American top-notch brand Eureka is trusted for its features and quality. They tend to give innovative cleaning vacuums by concerning buyer’s desires and benefits.

To give your home sparkling floors, this brand offers the smartest vacuum for lifelong support.

This vacuum as well helps to give your home difficult-to-reach areas easy access to clean better. For small to medium houses, there are many places that need to go under which this vacuum does better.

As it features swivel steers and a low-profile head, you can reach and capture dirt in every corner. Besides, it tends to guild under furniture to remove all the debris.

Also, it comes with dual cleaning modes to adjust the desired speed, which you prefer the most. If you want to clean the curtain or fan, this vacuum has low suction to not running its fabrics.

Plus, it comes with max power mood to increase suction for a deeper clean on carpets and rugs.

 To sum it up, the NEC180 vacuum has a practical solution for every housewife to get the desired cleaning. It’s a great option for those who want a cordless handheld floor scrubber.


  • It offers 90 days of return benefits from Amazon.
  • It is easy to assemble and extremely practical.
  • It is Great for crumbs, and light & medium cleanups.
  • The package has an extra filter for longer support.
  • It has effective suction power for cordless use.


  • A few people find it bad for larger areas.

2. PEREGO Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

Expert Score
Easy to assemble9.7
For hardwood floors9.3
For cleaning up hair9.2
Suction power9.0
For stairs9.0

The Perago Cordless Stick vacuums comes 2 in one style to suit user comfort. It also helps you to switch handheld cleaning just by pressing the release button for the sofa and table.

On top of that, this vacuum cleaner has a low-weighted design which gives no pain to carry or relay. It as well makes sure you don’t worry about getting twisted or tangled while holding the vacuum. With this light shell, it allows you to clean room to room without the difficulty of weight.

The brand offers amazing buyers service to enjoy full free replacement on technical parts. They also make sure their buyers are having fun with good quality and features for a happy buy.

For that reason, they also offer USA customer service to solve issues related to the acquired product at ease.

Like other vacuum cleaners, it comes with amazing suction power to give nice space on the surface. This thing helps while in need of deep cleaning for your carpets and hard floors without damages.

Also, it is a great option to clean vinyl plank floors by altering the power of your pick.

This vacuum cleaner as well comes with a powerful 18.5 voltage Lithium-ion battery to the charger in any outlet. Besides, it needs only 4 hours to get fully recharge to perform wirelessly.

The vacuum cleaner also cleans well for up to 40 minutes with no loss of suction in full recharge. With this option, you can clean cordlessly for a long.

What to know the best part? It needs no skill or lesson to handle or maintain well. In fact, this vacuum cleaner comes with no brush roll to give less pain on taking care of its surface.

As the brush roll included vacuum needs washing for a clean surface, it has air pressure to catch dust.

Overall, this vacuum comes with goodness and painless aspects for all busy people’s home cleaning purposes. If you want easy cleaning for a large house, it’s a great bang for the bucks.


  • This vacuum doesn’t scratch any type of floor.
  • A great option for an affordable price point.
  • It’s right for the home with cats and dogs.
  • The customer service is very helpful for advice
  • It is light and snug to use.


  • Some buyers find the awkward removing filter

3. Bissell Hard Floor Vacuum

Expert Score
Light weight9.3
Easy to clean9.2
For deep cleaning8.9
Easy to use8.6

The Bissell Canister vacuum comes with amazing benefits to be tough on dirt and gentle on all hard floors. It also helps you to capture seen and hidden debris perfectly on any type of floor.

In addition, the canister vacuum comes with 18 feet power cord length to support while cleaning in distance. The length of the cord does matter to get a faster and better charge at ease.

On top, it has not too big or small size cord that helps the vacuum to fully charge with no tangled issue.

Unlike other vacuums, it comes with multi-cyclonic tech for you to enjoy better suction for long-term cleaning.

As most vacuums need high electric power, it gives better cleaning activity by using less energy. The 7 inches of hose length give perfect solutions to collect debris at less power for saving your cash.

This vacuum cleaner as well comes with an amazing power rating for up to 9.2 amps to fight all the dust. It on top, gives your home a neat and clean surface to enjoy better cleaning with no scuffs or spots.

Also, the vacuum has a cleaning path width of 11 inches to capture dust where it contacts.

No doubt about its performance as the vacuum features a single tank to give your floors nice cleaning. It comes with a 67.6 fluid ounces dirt cup capacity to capture dust and other debris.

With this option, you can easily capture all the dust while cleaning and after that empty faster.

It as well comes with full 2 years of quality assurance for the technical parts and other accessories. This brand at first thinks of their beloved customer’s desires and wanted features. For that reason, they also offer 90 days of return if any issues occur on the given conditions.

On the whole, the canister filter is good for multi-floor cleaner for brilliant pickups on area rugs. It also gives good support to clean faster with no trouble of air toxic with a rotating brush.


  • It makes less sound than other upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Simple to pick small particles under the sofa and bed.
  • The cord retraction is amazing in function.
  • It’s quite lighter than the Dyson.
  • Easy to take off the canister and reschedule


  • The vacuum is not good for carpet use.

4. Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum

Expert Score
Easy to assemble9.7
Easy to clean9.2
Suction power8.8
For deep cleaning8.7

Looking for a mop and stream vacuum for easy cleaning? If so, let’s start with this. The Bissell Symphony Pet Mop and Steam vacuum have amazing features to give the easy, empty option.

With the latest drop-it cap system, you are able to stop your hand from getting dirty while recycling. It as well gives you an easier way to take care of all the storing dust, debris, and particles to throw in the dustbin.

This vacuum cleaner comes with not reusable pads that give you the chance to use it again and throw it away. If you have cats or dogs at home, it’s a lifesaver to avoid pet hairs and marks.

It as well comes with washable microfibers pads for everyday cleaning after vacuuming. Also, the vacuum needs 400 watts for processing.

Like everything else, the vacuum cleaner comes with dry-tank tech that helps to keep moisture away. It not only gives you easy washing after emptying dust and debris, but also keeps it dry all day.

With this feature, you can dirt free the tank with soap and wiped and, by design, it’ll waterless. Also, the tank has 12.8 ounces of capacity to store dust.

It also comes with powerful steam benefits to keep your home floors and other furniture away from bacteria.

And, this thing helps the most assures home floors and cabinets are 99.9% safe for your family to walk or touch things. This vacuum also needs 1100 Watts to stream.

The vacuum cleaner also comes with scent waters to keep away the bad stink. It as well gives your house hardwood, ceramic, and linoleum nice minty fragrances while cleaning. It only needs to mix with water for use in steam mops. Yet, it needs to purchase separately if desired.

In short, the vacuum & steam mop is a perfect option if you prefer the clean scent and good suction. It counts as an all-in-one vacuum to slay most of the floor germs and debris.


  • It comes with long cords to clean the fan.
  • The vacuum is decent for a large home.
  • It makes cleaning floors and carpets fast and easy.
  • The filter can hold 2 cups of water while cleaning.
  • It can vacuum and mop at the same time.


  • Most buyers don’t like their warranty service.

5. Bissell Hard Floor Expert Cordless Canister

Expert Score
Easy to assemble9.6
Suction power9.1
For hardwood floors9.1
For cleaning up hair9.1

The Hard Floor Expert Cordless Canister by Bissell brand has a higher battery life that lasts longer. It also has 45 minutes of potent battery run time from a single charge that’s better than others.

With 36V lithium-ion battery, the vacuum cleaner gives quick charge benefits that take 2 hours. The battery also is detachable, that helps a lot while in need of a new battery to support the system.

With this option, you can easily get faster recharge time and a removable surface flooring for cleaning ease.

This vacuum canister comes with an air-driven floor tool to remove all the dirt and debris without running the surface.

For cleaning the hard floors and carpets, it supports amazingly to soak all the dust into the tank. It also needs equipping with free from scratch, soft dusting bristles to be tough on dirt but gentle on hard floors.

Besides, it comes with a long reach hose to clean the fan, upper shelf of furniture, and curtains. The stretch hose has five feet in length and has a telescoping tall extension wand for simple cleaning on different floors. It’s also perfect for cleaning ceilings, drapes, and other over-floor surface.

If you have non-allergic rhinitis, then it’s a good option. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a multi-lever filtration option to get rid of household allergies and fine filth.

With this option, you can expect no dust under your carpet, sofa, or bed. It also gives purifying the air to breathe well with no worry of grime getting into your nose.

The Bissell brand comes with a unique formula and features to give buyers full satisfaction after buying. They also offer 2 years of limited warranty to repair or restore faulty parts at ease. This brand as well offers 90 days of return policy over the phone in most cases.

In general, the hard floor canister vacuum is a good choice for those who want mess-free cleaning. It’s also good at service, quality, and options that make it the best in both worlds.


  • It has low-weight, is convenient, and easy to design.
  • The vacuum performs well with no irksome noise.
  • It comes with good suction power to clean well.
  • The price of this vacuum is quite reasonable.
  • Great canister vacuum for cleaning hard floors.


  • This vacuum isn’t good for cleaning stairs.

6. BISSELL Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Expert Score
Easy to use8.7
Suction power8.7
For deep cleaning7.8

Our last pick, the Crosswave Pet Pro vacuum cleaner, has a tangle-free brush roll to clean pet hair and litter. It also helps to get rid of pet long hairs and odors with no wrap-around issues.

With dual tank tech, the vacuum cleaner comes with water and dirt cups to clean separately. For the clean water, it comes with 11.02 pounds tank size to store while cleaning. The vacuum cleaner also comes with 14.5 ounces dirt tank to use on dirt, dust, and debris for cleaning.

On top of that, it has a compact size which allows users to fit it anywhere, anytime. As the vacuum has been small, it’s super safe to use, which you don’t have to worry about its falling or breakage issue. Also, your family members, from kids to adults both are able to clean well.

It also comes with a user manual and guides for users to learn and everything just by reading. Both the user manual and guide are written in simple English to read with no trouble. Also, it helps most if you have trouble understanding vacuum cleaner parts.

The vacuum cleaner also helps to find your missing or long-lost things to capture, especially under the sofa or bed.

It as well helps to reach the hidden or unreachable places to find all the necessary things faster. With this option, you can also catch your kid’s lost toy or treasured jewelry.

Besides, the vacuum comes with multi-surface formula Febreze freshness to stop bad odor. It also helps your home to enjoy the fresh smell to get rid of a pet dirty odor while cleaning.

You only need to put one cup on the water in a blend and then put it in the vacuum to wipe on the floors for freshness.

The package includes a vacuum, two tangle-free brush rolls, a pet multi-surface with Febreze formulas, and a docking tray. It’s a great option for a quiet process in the pet surrounded house.


  • It tends to clean the pet grimes and leftovers nicely.
  • The vacuum is strong yet light.
  • It gives no pain to clean floors and under beds.
  • Good floor scrubber for quick tasks.
  • The product lasts longer.


  • We find the price of this product expensive.

Factors To Consider On Best Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floors

Finding the vacuum for vinyl plank floors in the market needs some concern to care for. The following details will show you the factors that need the right one.

Pick the Cordless One:

A good vacuum cleaner should come with full cordless benefits to go wireless for freedom. This thing helps the most to give your luxury vinyl plank floors a perfect finish.

Most brands offer vacuum cleaners that are powered by the latest motor technology for doing rapid cleaning. It also helps your dirty floor to get the perfect sparkling with no trouble of wire.

Decide on Good Battery Life:

Depending on battery capacity, you should go for a vacuum cleaner for vinyl plank floors. The better the battery’s lasting ability is the longer it’ll perform. While cleaning the vinyl floors, it can take time which a longer runtime vacuum assist.

The standard battery lasting ability on most brands is 40 to 45 minutes to clean well. If you have a larger family and house, better battery power will help you clean.

Go for Versatile Vacuum:

Before going shopping, you should consider a versatile vacuum that is mastered in all tasks. This thing will assure your home cleaning benefits on Hardwood, tiles, vinyl & laminate floors. Most people tend to select the smartest option to clean better on any type of floor.

It also helps you to get all in one product to clean several floors at once. So, based on versatility, pick one to get the job done.

Consider Light-Weighted & Compact Size:

The vacuum comes in many functions and designs to make it different. For the vinyl plank floors, it’s better to choose tiny and low-weighted vacuums. The reason is you need comfort to clean deeply, especially while going in different rooms or outside the house.

Also, the small size and low-weighted vacuum give less effort to carry or store after cleaning. For that reason, decide on your comfort and easiness.

Check Its Tank Capability:

Go for a vacuum that comes with better tank capability to give perfect cleaning. A good vacuum cleaner comes with 28 ounces tank capacity. Also, pick vacuums that have the dry-tank tech to keep moisture out for the dry surface.

Some brands also offer two-tank techs to separate clean and dirty water while cleaning. So, consider the tank ability in a vacuum.

Maintaining Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floor

To maintain a vacuum, you may need to follow some life hacks for trouble-free cleaning. A vacuum tends to perform smoother if maintaining rightly. Read down below to learn more.

Replace the Dirtbag Often:

Replacing your vacuum cleaner dirtbag is a vital trick to keep it performing like a new one. As the dirtbag stores filth, it’s right to clean more often. If your vacuum cleaner dirtbag is full, then it will work at less speed.

Clear the Bagless Models Filth Too:

Just like dirtbag vacuums, you should also clean the bagless models. By cleaning regularly, your bagless vacuum will work properly for lifelong. Dirt-free the canister when the vacuum indicates.

Don’t Forget to Clean Brush Roll

Another trick is vacuum brush roll cleaning. As all filths get blocked on the brush roll, it’s good to clean them. Washing it with soap and water, it’s easy to clean.

Inspect the Belt

Experts always suggest cleaning check the strap and belt if it’s fitting tightly. It’s a good practice to replace the belt every 6 to 12 months. For the clean vinyl flooring, it’s essential to inspect the belt to perform well.

Why You Should Get A Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floor

Using the best vacuum for vinyl plank assures you’re doing great on cleaning. Read down below to catch all the advantages of using a vacuum cleaner.

  • One of the common pros of vacuum cleaners is they take less time to clean well. You can just spend a few moments after a hectic day to keep your surface looking great. Also, it needs no skill or intense learning, you can easily use it for a spotless result.
  • Most vacuum cleaners are small and low-weighted in design. For that reason, they need no effort to reach the corners and under sofa or beds places.
  • As vacuum cleaners are tiny, you can take them literally anywhere, anytime. This thing can be carried in the car or any small space to take with.
  • Though vacuum cleaners have compact sizes, they include powerful suction to clean. It tends to catch seen, unseen and faraway filth for sparkling clean. This thing also helps in finding the lost items.

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

Can I use the vacuum on vinyl plank floors?

Yes, you can use a vacuum on vinyl plank floors. Of course, it needs proper steps to follow to get the desired cleaning. The main reason to use a vacuum is their right cleaning, which it does better than other tools. It as well assures no scuffs or scratches while cleaning harder.

How to clean vinyl plank floors?

To clean vinyl plank floors, you should get help from kitchen pieces of stuff. The effective way to clean vinyl floors is apple cider vinegar. Removing filth is easy with acids of vinegar. Just mix 1 cup of vinegar on warm water and use the mop to rub well.

Are there any disadvantages of vinyl plank floors?

As all products have side issues, the same thing goes for vinyl plank floors. The first drawback of vinyl plank floors is they cannot be repaired. Also, they are made of materials that aren’t recyclable or difficult to recycle.

Another shortcoming of the vinyl plank floor is its short lifespan than wood floors. Plus, they are hard to remove once being installed.

Are vinyl plank floors tough to clean?

Cleaning the vinyl plank floors seems hard yet easy if doing it rightly. If looking at other modern flooring products, the vinyl plank flooring are quite simple to dirt-free.

With this floor, you don’t have to worry about spills, stains, scuffs, or scratches to deal with. For that reason, most people find it easy to clean.

Which one is better a vacuum cleaner or mop?

To begin with, both options are essential for deep cleaning. Yet, if you are a busy person and want to give your vinyl plank floor better clean, then a vacuum is compulsory. As it can capture seen and unseen particles in difficult-to-reach areas, you can get the desired cleaning.

If you have less work, the mop is a good option for cleaning your vinyl plank floors. The floor cleaning mop can also clean better to give a sparkling surface. Still, many people don’t prefer it for hard work.


After going through so much information, we hope it won’t feel daunting to pick the best vacuum for vinyl plank floors. You should always want to go for a waterproof and affordable model when it comes to making a final choice at the end of the day.

With so many designs and options, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed and buy anything that looks high end. But only the wise consumers will take the effort and time to look for a worth the money offer that will serve them for a long period.

And to make that happen, you can’t ignore the importance of proper research as well as deliberation. Just go for further studying if you still feel concerned or have confusion still lingering in your mind. Make sure you are dead sure to get a certain model and only then, click on the purchase button.

You may go with any of these 6 picks and you won’t be disappointed. We have taken a lot of research, interviewing, and live sessions with each of these recommendations to make the list a blockbuster one.

Your after-purchase phase should never indulge in regret, only efficient functioning of the newly bought appliance at your beloved home. Good Luck with That!


How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring:

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