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Best Video Streaming Sites In The Internet 2022

Video streaming is a revolution in the entertainment industry. Since Netflix started streaming its first show in 2007, video streaming has become a massive part of our lives. Video-on-demand services have changed the way we consume movies and TV shows as it allows us to watch our favourite content at any time from any place. While Netflix remains the king in video streaming sites, many other competitors are also vying for attention from users like Hulu, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, among others.


Netflix is the largest video streaming service in the world. It has over 140 million subscribers and is available in 190 countries.

Netflix offers over 1,000 original series and films, including Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The OA, Luke Cage, and Orange Is the New Black (to name a few). Netflix is also home to new movies like Okja—and old favorites like The Princess Bride.

You can access Netflix through almost any device: your TV (via Roku or Chromecast), game console (PS4 or Xbox One), tablet, or smartphone—even your smart speaker!

Netflix has an extensive library of TV shows worldwide—from dramas like Downton Abbey to comedies like Friends to sci-fi/fantasy series such as Stranger Things and Marvel superhero shows like Daredevil.

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Hulu is a video streaming site that offers ad-supported and paid content. The free version allows you to watch some shows, but it’s not as extensive as the paid version. Hulu’s premium service costs $7.99 monthly and includes various additional features. You can watch shows on your iPhone or Android device using the Hulu app, which is available for download in the App Store or Google Play Store. As with other sites that offer both free and paid versions (such as Netflix), Hulu has lots of different TV series available for streaming—including current popular shows like “This Is Us” and “The Mindy Project.”

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription service that provides access to movies and TV shows. It’s owned by Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers in the world. This means it’s available on all major platforms (e.g., iOS and Android mobile devices, smart TVs) and through its website.

The service has one of the largest content libraries available anywhere—and it’s constantly growing! In addition to popular titles like Breaking Bad and Supernatural, you can find many critically acclaimed films such as Ex Machina or The Big Sick—without leaving your house or paying another monthly fee!

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HBO is a premium cable network owned by Time Warner and one of the largest and most popular premium cable networks. It was founded in 1972 as the first pay-TV service to offer a multiplex of its programming and was initially owned by Time Inc. (now Time Warner).

HBO has an extensive library of original shows, including Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Sopranos, Sex, City, and The Wire. They also have many older plays, such as Six Feet Under, that you may find interesting if you’re looking for something new!



Hotstar is a streaming service owned by Star India. It offers a wide range of Indian and international content, including movies and TV shows from Bollywood (Hindi) and Hollywood. The service has been available in the United States since 2016 and has recently expanded to Canada and Australia.

Hotstar was launched in India in 2015 after acquiring rights to stream cricket matches from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus will be released in November, a streaming service for movies, TV shows, and originals. When it launches, it’ll cost $6.99/month (cheaper than Netflix).

You can stream Disney Plus on mobile devices or your TV; however, if you’re going to watch on your television set with the Disney Plus app installed on Roku or Apple TV, you’ll have to pay $7 monthly for an additional subscription fee. A free trial is available so you can test the service before committing to anything long-term!

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In the age of Video on Demand, it’s essential to know what streaming services are for you.

You’re going to want to know about the best video streaming services. If you wish to watch TV shows or movies, sports or anime, this guide has everything you need to know about each service and which one is best for you.

Netflix: $8/month (basic plan)

Hulu: $12/month (with ads) or $40/month (ad-free)

Amazon Prime Video: $13/month (basic package)

HBO Now: $14.99/month + add-ons such as HBO Max ($6 per month). HBO offers a free 30-day trial if you want to test it before committing. You must be signed up for Amazon Prime first because that’s how HBO uses their streaming service—but don’t worry if all that sounds too confusing! We’ll go over it in more detail below when we talk about different ways people use these services in their homes, so stick around!


We hope this list has helped you find the best service for you. With so many options, it can be hard to choose just one, but we think these are all great choices. They offer something unique and different from each other, so no matter what kind of TV show or movie genre you’re into, then there’s bound to be something here that’ll please you!

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