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Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove Dog Urine? [Explain]

Did you know? can professional carpet cleaners remove dog urine? you also need patience to deal with the accidental mess of your dog. Even after multiple training sessions, you may come to know a spot on the carpet. So, your carpet is always the victim of all accidental messes.

According to a survey report of 2020, About 51% of people in the UK prefer to have a dog as a pet to make themselves happy So, if your pet is repeatedly peeing on the carpet and you’re not giving it a noticeable look. Then it may result in a loss of durability of the carpet. Because dog urine is a combination of various chemicals that could ruin the fabric of your carpet.

So, your carpet may become a spot of stubborn stains and smell. If you’re trying home remedies to get rid of dog urine then it may ruin your carpet fabric. However, a professional carpet cleaner could help you. But a query repeatedly rolling over your mind that can a professional carpet cleaner remove dog urine?

Can Professional Carpet Cleaners Remove Dog Urine?

In order to clean your carpet from dog urine, you can take the services of professional carpet cleaners. If you are trying continuously to deal with dog urine with expensive cleaning agents. Then you may end up with unclear results.

A carpet provides a fascinating look at the whole house. But it also acts as a hub of dirt particles and different types of bacteria. Did you know? Dog urine has many chemicals that could serve as a source of food for bacteria living in the carpet. After getting food, bacteria release ammonia gas.

This results in foul smelling if left unnoticed. You can remove dog urine easily within twelve hours. But after twelve hours urine will leave a spot on the surface of the carpet. As well as, the stinky smell will add up in the air leaving a bad mark on all visitors.

Can carpet cleaners remove dog urine? Then, the answer is a big yes! Because, if you’re trying to clean through multiple products. Then, you may only clear the carpet surface. However, bacteria will stay within the carpet.

Consequently, your carpet got stains and carpet fibers would damage due to excessive chemicals. This will directly affect the durability of your carpet. In the end, you need to replace your carpet or consult a professional carpet cleaner.

8 major reasons why you need a professional carpet cleaner

There are eight major reasons to prefer a professional carpet cleaner over home remedies:

  • Carpet cleaners deal with multiple carpets within a single day. So, they’re experts in cleaning
  • Professional carpet cleaners are well aware of the fabric of your carpet.
  • They use water extraction methods to remove all stains like coffee stains, dirt, ink stains, urine stains, etc.
  • Could perfectly detect urine spots with the help of UV lights
  • As they use anti-microbial cleaning strategies to kill microorganisms
  • High-temperature water is utilized during cleaning to remove all toxic agents
  • Offers cost and time effective cleaning
  • Enhances longevity of your carpet

A Professional Guide to  Remove Fresh Dog Urine Within 12 Hours

Did you know you can also remove dog urine without any stinging odor? But within 12 hours.

Here’s a simple and useful method to remove fresh dog urine from your carpet. Let’s discuss this in steps:

  • Firstly, you have to find out the spot of dog urine.
  • Use a towel to soak all moisture from the urine spot.
  • Bring out an enzymatic cleaner for a deep cleaning process.
  • You can use vinegar instead of a cleanser along with water.
  • Mix equal ratios of water and vinegar to neutralize the effects of urine.
  • Wait for five minutes and use baking soda to spread over the urine surface.
  • Now cover it with a moist towel for one day.
  • After removing the towel, wash it with water.
  • You can also use an odor eliminator to add freshness to the air.


Finally, if you have pets then be careful about their peeing activities. Because if left unnoticed, it could result in a lot of problems for you. Hopefully, you can get an idea and answer your query. Can professional carpet cleaners remove dog urine? So,  play games with your dog but also maintain your carpet’s durability through proper maintenance.


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