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Top 10 Step To Use Commercial Lawn Sweeper

If you’re feeling tired of constantly raking your own lawn and you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s advantageous for you to get a commercial lawn sweeper, this is the article you need to read before you run to the store and get one.

Commercial sweepers are generally but there are a lot of things you need to know about how to properly handle them so we decided to write a few steps that will help you use your new lawn sweeper the right way and ensure that it does its job the way it’s supposed to.

Commercial Lawn Sweeper Research

It’s something you should do before you go out and buy anything especially if you don’t know a thing or two about the item you’re buying, in this case, a lawn sweeper.

The market is full of many different types, models, and brands you can pick from and all of them are different from each other so finding the best one among them can be a challenge. The best way is to go online and browse around to find out the specifics of each brand and model so when you get to the store you know what you want.

Another way to go is to ask a friend that knows about this stuff or if he has the tool you’re looking to buy and he can give you his opinion about the item.

Basically, the type of lawn sweeper you need will depend on the size of your yard so:

Small Yard – push lawn sweeper would work just fine here even though it’s a little harder to operate and requires some extra effort on your part because you’ll have to push it around but on the plus side, it’s cheaper and lighter compared to others.

Big Yard – now if your yard is bigger in size and has some trees that get in the way you’ll definitely need a tow-behind commercial lawn which is more expensive but it’s the right tool for the job.

What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t just go into the store and pick the first one that comes to mind, instead, carefully decide what you really need and then spend your money on an efficient piece of equipment.

Let The Store Assemble the Lawn Sweeper

Many individuals have trouble assembling their lawn sweepers when they get home because it’s quite a complex piece of equipment and depending on the brand and model it might be harder or easier.

Either way, it’s better to have the store specialists do the job for you and avoid any chance of doubt that the store might have if your brand new lawn sweeper isn’t working properly. There have been cases where people complain to the store about this issue and it turned out that the reason was an improper assembly that was done by the client.

If you’re reading this after you’ve already assembled your lawn sweeper but it’s not really working the way you expected it to, you can take it to the store to double-check if you’ve done a good job or you missed something.

Familiarize Yourself With The Manual

Even if you’ve had experience using lawn sweepers it’s still smart to familiarize yourself with the user manual because different models and brands work in different ways. It might seem like it’s easy and simple to operate but there are some important topics you need to be aware of regarding your new machine and you can find them in the user manual.

Instead of just pressing the ON button, make sure you at least browse through the information that is written in the manual so you know what’s what. Some important topics mentioned in the manual are:

  • Warnings
  • Safety issues
  • Features
  • Clearly explained functions
  • Other instructions

Mow Your Lawn

It’s substantially harder for the commercial lawn to reach anything that needs to be cleared when the grass in your yard is long. Mowing your lawn regularly or at least before you decide that it needs a sweep is very advantageous and will make the job much easier for your sweeper.

You’ll notice that the lawn sweeper does a much better job when the grass is shorter. However, if there’s a lot of debris in your yard and there’s a chance that it damages your lawnmower you should sweep first just stay on the safe side and not damage your expensive mower.

Avoid Sweeping When The Lawn is Wet

Just like shorter grass makes it much easier for the lawn sweeper to do its job perfectly, a dry lawn is doing the exact same thing. The reason behind this is because when the lawn is wet, all kinds of debris is getting stuck to the ground and it makes it harder for the sweeper to pick it up.

Leafs, grass clipping, and twigs are especially hard to remove when they are wet and stuck in the ground so turning on your lawn sweeper when the weather is nice and dry is a much better option and everything will go faster and smoother.

Thinking it’s not a good idea to experiment with the speed and the brush height?

It’s actually quite the opposite. Different type of debris needs a different tractor speed and brush height so it’s picked up perfectly from the ground and it might take you a few tries to get to the right one for the type of debris you’re dealing with.

Don’t get annoyed right away if your lawn sweeper isn’t picking up everything on the first try because it may just need a few adjustments to do the job perfectly well. Adjusting your brush height is also equally important for the sweeper to do the best job.

It should be about 0.5″ below the tip of the grass but it’s not a rule that’s set in stone and sometimes it needs an adjustment for the sweeper to work better. Actually, we encourage you to experiment with these features and find the optimal speed and brush height for the type of debris you’re dealing with.

Make Straight Lines When Sweeping

The maximum efficiency of the sweeper is achieved when it’s being pushed or towed in a straight line so make sure you keep going forward till there’s nowhere to go and then turn back and go in a straight line again.

Empty The Hopper Often

Another thing you shouldn’t do is let the hopper (the bag that is attached to your lawn sweeper) get filled up to the maximum.

Why bother emptying it regularly?

Because, when the bag gets filled, it’s heavier and it weighs down on the sweeper which eventually leads to the bag being dragged on the lawn and that opens the possibility of damaging the hopper by cutting it or tearing it on some debris that wasn’t picked up. It doesn’t take much for you to empty the hopper and it may save you some frustration, time, and money in the long haul.

Get Rid of Anything You Can Before Sweeping

Usually, branches and large sticks are easy to spot in the yard and even easier to pick up. Doing this will make sure that the sweeper won’t be damaged because it tried to pick up something too big or something jammed in the wheel.

Large debris of this king may also damage the brush and hopper and taking care of it before using your lawn sweeper is something you can do to prevent damages.

Pulling debris out of the edges of your lawn is also something that you can do especially around your gates, fence, and edges so when you use the sweeper the entire yard looks spotless. Sometimes if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning it’s a good idea to go over the entire yard again to make sure that any debris that was left behind gets picked up this time around.

Clean Your Lawn Sweeper Regularly

Maintaining your sweeper will ensure that it works properly for many years to come so cleaning it after each use is something that you should make a habit of. We’re not talking just about the hopper but the chute and wheels as well.

There might be some debris building up in the wheels that may cause some problems later on in the form of rust which will render your lawn sweeper useless.


There are a lot of different lawn sweepers on the market that might be right for you so doing proper research would really help you decide which one is the right one for you.

Although easy and simple to use, make sure you let the store assemble the lawn sweeper to avoid having and hardships and read through the user manual because it has important information regarding your safety.

Using your sweeper after you mowed your lawn and it’s dry is best because that way it’ll be most effective and do the best job of cleaning the debris.

Just as the sweeper is cleaning your yard, you need to clean the commercial lawn sweeper too because that way you will make sure that it doesn’t go rusty and become unusable.

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