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Top 10 Tips for Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Buying a robot vacuum cleaner? If you are, Coredy is an excellent brand to try. Coredy robot vacuum cleaner is highly sought after. They’re well-reviewed, often exceeding client expectations. And for that reason – you should own one.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

One Problem

Assuming you don’t own one, you have a lot of work to do.

First, select the right model. Coredy offers a large lineup, and not all their robot vacuums fit your purpose.

Second – you need to learn how to use one.

You need to research robot vacuum cleaner review notes. You need to see the experiences of other clients – and what they think.

Isn’t That a Lot of Work?

It is, but no worries. We’ll cut your journey short! Below, we’ll provide 10 tips on how to pick and use Coredy vacuum cleaners. Specifically, we’ll discuss how to buy the model that works for you. We’ll also highlight user tips based on robot vacuum cleaner reviews.

So to get started…

Find the Right Robot For You

On the Coredy shopping site, you’ll find that their lineup includes many vacuum cleaners. But there are 4 models that tend to be highlighted the most.

From cheapest to most expensive, those are…

  • The R300.
  • The R550.
  • The R650.
  • The R750.

What Makes Each Model Different?

They all look the same – but the features are how you can tell them apart.

For example, there are features such as water tank functions, app control, and use with Alexa. Those are only available with the more expensive models. Suction power is another feature. Some have a maximum suction of 1400Pa. And others operate at 1600Pa.

Basically, there are certain features that you’ll have to pay more for. Otherwise, you can stick to the budget models!

What Are Those Basic Features?

That’s what we’ll discuss below…

Know What Can Get You

  • Self-Charging.
  • Setting Cleaning Schedules.
  • Low Noise Levels.
  • Protection from Collisions and Drop-Offs.
  • Remote Controlled Use.

Other similarities include the physical specifications of the vacuum cleaners.

Is the Extra Money Worth It?

That depends on how desperately you need other features. And we’ll allude to that in our next point…

What Are Those Features?

This vacuum cleaner has wet/dry mopping features. Basically, it switches from dust suction to floor mopping. So it’s perfect for cleaning wet floors too! And as a result, it’s waterproof. You’ll never worry about the electronics of this vacuum cleaner going to waste! Thus, it covers more areas in a home than other models.

If you need an all-purpose vacuum cleaner – this it. However, if you’re looking for added performance and smart features, then you should explore the higher models.

Want Every Function You Can Think Of?

This vacuum can be controlled by the application. And it works well with Alexa. This saves you the need to use remote control. You can control the vacuum cleaner by smartphone, and from a distance! In fact, you can use this device without being in the same room. And this lets you multitask effectively!

Multiple Price Options.

What’s interesting about this model is the different packages it has. You can actually buy this vacuum cleaner without the mop features. This is available for the US market only

But How Favored Is This Model?

Coredy vacuum cleaner review. And there, we’ll see that this model is well-received. It has over 270 reviews, and a 94% rating. It’s a testament to the device’s quality, and it makes it worth the price tag. There have been some complaints though with regards to noise. Also, it has issues with navigation, where it may struggle to find a home.

You Can Buy Coredy Spare Parts Online!

One of the pros of Coredy vacuum cleaners is self-repair. While they’re styled as “high-tech” and “robotic,” this is a device you can fix yourself. And you can get the spare parts online!

Do I Need Spare Accessories?

You do. They keep your vacuum cleaner in top condition. The previous brushes we mentioned need to be changed out every 1-2 months. And changing them is necessary for massive cleaning spaces.

For example, if you own a house, you’ll need frequent side brush changes. And that’s not something you’ll need often when cleaning an apartment!

Important Note.

Many of the previous accessories are sold as bundles. For example, if you’re buying a water reservoir, you might find a package that includes mop replacements. We recommend buying those offers. It saves you from buying each item separately while waiting for each to arrive. You can perform your vacuum cleaner maintenance quickly, and without waiting for too long.

A Bundle Example.

Coredy offers a full repair kit for $21.That kit includes side brushes and high-efficiency filters. And it gives you an installation guide, plus info on which models work best with it!


Note that maintenance isn’t just a matter of swapping parts. There’s a certain way to use robot vacuum cleaners for their longevity. Below, we’ll mention some of those as our last 5 tips. Consider them as advice for daily vacuum use!

Pick the Device That Works for Your Home

If you live in an apartment (or something smaller), pick a lower model. But if you live in anything that has 3 bedrooms or more, you’ll need higher-powered models. And the reason for that is simple.

The more expensive models have better suction power. And, they work on a variety of floors. Plus, they have better navigation systems. So they won’t get lost in your home, or mid-clean.

However, that doesn’t mean you should aim for the most expensive. You should try to balance a budget with your home needs. From there, pick the most effective vacuum cleaner!

Respect the Battery

Corey’s robot vacuum cleaners mention a capacity of 110 to 120 minutes of continuous work. Your vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be active for more than that (per clean-up). Even in a large home, 1 hour should be the norm. And what that means is – you should recharge every few days.

Don’t Overcharge.

You’ll risk ruining the battery. The battery may overheat, or its capacity may drop fast before its time…Plus, robot vacuum cleaners are notorious for battery problems. So this is an area to be extra sensitive with!

Minimize Activity Time.

There are extra ways you can respect the battery – without needing to charge constantly. And that would be…

Clean Up Clutter Before Using One

Robot vacuum cleaners are small. And while they pack massive suction power, they won’t navigate through clutter well. There are reports of Coredy cleaners getting stuck on rough surfaces” – like carpets and such…So what do you think will happen when they’re used in cluttered areas?

What Counts as Clutter?

Disorganized items on the floor are a start. Let’s say you have children. If their toys are everywhere, then naturally, vacuuming that floor will be difficult. The same applies to rooms with clothes, books, or random electronics as floor clutter.

Robot vacuum cleaners are small, and the same applies to their wheels. Naturally, they can’t move through those. So you’ll have to do some basic organization before switching on your vacuum cleaner!

Empty the Dustbin Often

Your robot vacuum cleaner is small in size. Thus, it isn’t supposed to stay full for too long. It’s an item you’ll empty every 1-2 months. Compare that to the average vacuum cleaner, which must be emptied every 6 months! And the reason is simple.

Coredy’s robot vacuum cleaners are powerful. Their suction power is amazing. And, they handle both dry and wet floors. So it’s natural for them to get fully stocked.

Consequences of Ignoring the Bin.

Let’s start with dysfunction. Ignoring your vacuum bin results in an overflow. That overflow will affect the performance of your brush and suction power. There’s also the stench. Vacuum cleaners that aren’t emptied often gain a horrible smell over time! Basically, empty your bin. It’s one of the few manual maintenances you’ll need to do with this amazing machine!

Final Tip – Control Takes Time

A common complaint is that “coredy robot vacuum cleaners are hard to control.”Some reviews claim that they crash everywhere, and they struggle to find a home. But we think a little differently…We see that learning to use this device takes time. You need to learn how to program it, and properly control it by the app.

Do that right, and you’ll have a wonderful cleaning experience. In fact, you’ll have a machine to fully clean your home without your intervention!


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