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While traveling to any area, you should study the culture of the area thoroughly. It will help you to enjoy the trip to that area. For this, you should know what the culture is?

A culture is defined by our daily life habits. For example, a culture is greatly affected by our religion, our clothes, our tradition, and even toilet paper usage. When it comes to bathroom culture, people in most western countries can never think of their washroom without toilet paper. However, in Islamic culture people cannot use toilet paper as it’s not allowed in Islam. It might be surprising for some of you. But it’s a fact.

When it comes to Somalia, an African country, what do you think? Do Somalis use toilet paper? Let’s find the answer to this interesting question.


No, Somalis don’t use toilet paper. Some of the reasons for not using toilet paper are:


Actually, Somalia is a Muslim country. The people in Somalia follow the Islamic religion. And the use of toilet paper is forbidden in Islam. Not only a Somalian but a true Muslim living in any country of the world would not use toilet paper.

According to them, cleaning with toilet paper does not clean your bump completely. It will leave you unhygienic. According to Islam if your body is not clean your spirit will be impure. As a result, you will not be able to perform holy deeds, including prayers.

Medical science

According to medical science, using toilet paper is unhygienic. How it could be possible? Toilet paper does not clean the poo completely and leaves some traces of it. These dirty poo traces may lead to urinary tract infections and anal fissures.

How do Somalis clean themselves after using the bathroom?

You might be thinking, how do Somalis clean themselves after using the bathroom? They use a pot filled with water, a powerful element. Water will remove all the germs keeping them away from infections.

However, it is acceptable in Islam to use toilet paper sometimes. According to the Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet, Turkey, any material can be used instead of toilet paper for cleansing. And one can also use toilet paper for cleaning as they are not for writing purposes.

How Muslims Use the Toilet?

Every Muslim, including Somalis, uses some bathroom etiquette taught by Islam. Some of these etiquettes are:

  • A Muslim enters the toilet by reciting the specific dua.
  • A Muslim enters the toilet with the left foot.
  • A Muslim never wears or carries any holy thing while going to the bathroom.
  • A Muslim will not talk and sit for a long time in the bathroom.
  • A Muslim removes all the feces on the anus with finger and hand using water.
  • A Muslim dries the private parts with some cloth after washing. However, one can use toilet paper. Drying the private parts is the basic purpose of toilet paper in Islam.
  • Muslim men do Istibra so that no drop of urine is left in the urethra. Walking or coughing can help do Istibra.
  • A Muslim Leaves the bathroom with the right foot and wash hands.
  • A Muslim never allows a drop of urine to fall on his clothes.


I hope you found this article helpful in finding do Somalis use toilet paper or not? 100% of Somalis are Muslim, and they don’t use toilet paper. They use water to wash their private parts. If you’re thinking to travel to Somalia, it would be good to take your toilet paper with you.

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