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How Does Capture Carpet Cleaner Work Properly?

If you don’t want your carpet to stay wet after steam cleaning, you should consider dry cleaning. Carpet dry cleaning is the most effective method to dry your carpet. It will allow you to walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.

For dry cleaning, you should place a powdered cleaning chemical on the carpet. Allow the powder to seep into the fibers of the carpet. It will allow the debris molecules to break apart.

But, which carpet cleaner should you use? Carpet cleaner by Capture can be a good option. However, you must know how does capture carpet cleaner works properly to remove stubborn stains?

How Does Capture Carpet Cleaner Work Properly?

The Capture carpet cleaner can be the best option. The tiny particles in the Capture carpet cleaner act like a sponge. Thus, it can absorb spills, dirt, and allergens. You can use it on any fabric, even on wool rugs. Further, you don’t need any professional to clean your carpet with a Capture carpet cleaner.

The best thing about the Capture carpet cleaner is that it doesn’t leave sticky residues. It is safe to use as it doesn’t contain bleach or any other kind of chemical. Moreover, it’s also ideal to use for pet odor and accidents. So, with a Capture carpet cleaner, you would not see any dirty carpet in your home.

How To Use Capture Carpet Cleaner Work?

It is evident now that Capture carpet cleaner works best to clean your carpet. Now, it’s time to know how to use it. There are four steps to clean your carpet with the Capture carpet cleaner. Just follow these steps to get a spick and span carpet.


Spray the dirty area of your carpet with a Capture pre-mist. It will loosen all the tough stains. You can also brush the stains gently if the stains are hard to remove.

2-Sprinkle the Capture powder

Now it’s time to sprinkle the powder on the dirty carpet. However, ensure that the stain on your carpet is completely covered.

3-Brush the stain

After sprinkling the cleaning powder, allow it to stay for some time. Now you can gently brush the carpet with powder. However, avoid hard brushing as it can damage your carpet. The powder will absorb every stain that is in contact with it.

4- Vacuum clean

After waiting for 30 minutes vacuum cleans the Capture cleaning powder. You would be glad after seeing that it will never leave any stain while vacuuming. It would be best if you use an empty chamber while vacuum cleaning the Capture cleaning powder.


Will Capture carpet cleaner bleach your carpet?

No, the Capture carpet cleaner will never bleach your carpet. It doesn’t contain any bleaching agent. Neither any color removing chemical, such as ammonia, is present in them that can remove your carpet’s color.

Is Capture Dry Carpet Cleaner safe for pets?

Definitely, a Capture carpet cleaner can remove any stain or odor of pets. It can absorb moisture and smell. So, it’s best for you if you’ve pets at your home.

Is capture carpet cleaner toxic for you?

Consumer Product Safety Commission has testes several dry carpet cleaner brands to check their toxicity. The Capture carpet cleaner is also among the brands that were tested by the commission. According to them, all these dry cleaners contain harmful bacteria that can be toxic. They may cause respiratory infections.

If you’re a person with a strong immune system, you don’t need to worry. However, if your immune system is not strong, you should avoid dry cleaners.

Can you use the Capture carpet cleaner to clean your sofa?

You can use the Capture carpet cleaner for your sofa. But, you need to be careful about the fabric of your sofa. For example;

  • If the fabric code on your sofa tag is “W”, you should apply pre-mist and then rug & carpet cleaner.
  • If the fabric code is “S,” you should not use pre- mist.
  • For “X” coded fabric, avoid using the Capture carpet cleaner.


So, I hope you find the answer to your question “Does capture carpet cleaner work?” A capture dry cleaner can clean all the stubborn stains easily. Even you don’t have to worry if you’ve pets. It will remove all the moisture and odor. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a Capture carpet cleaner.

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