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How To Use a Pressure Washer?: Top 10 Ways

Pressure washers are gaining popularity from year to year. This is due to its versatility, saving time and effort to restore order in a large area. The use of such equipment is unimaginable. Pressure washers are now in great demand.

Their scope is very, very wide – construction, maintenance of construction equipment, large industrial enterprises, and many more. Of course, such a machine costs slightly higher than a small household model. How To Use a Pressure Washer? It discusses below

Such washers differ from household models primarily in the pressure created at the outlet. Its maximum value can reach 250 or more atmospheres. Such pressure can not only completely remove the paint from the hood of your car but also leave a noticeable dent on it.

If we are talking about washing vehicles, then commercial pressure washers are useful, for example, to builders. Imagine a construction site. A pit is dug, dump trucks take out soil, which inevitably settles throughout the territory. But no one will allow cars to breed excess dirt on public roads. And here a pressure washer for the car will come to the rescue.

Its powerful jet will knock out all the dirt from the tread grooves, and the truck can safely leave the construction site. And the construction equipment itself – excavators, bulldozers? How much dirt sticks to tracks, buckets, dumps? And this reduces the performance of the equipment.

Yes, and the chassis can suffer from clogged dirt, and repairing it in the case of, for example, a bulldozer is not just expensive, but very expensive. And it’s not only inconvenient to make such repairs on equipment covered in mud,

These washers are equipped with various additional options to remove complex types of contaminants. For example, for more successful flushing of oil and grease stains, there is a function of water heating. A powerful jet, heated almost to the temperature of boiling water, will cope with any oil stain.

Another interesting option is the use of a sandblasting nozzle. In this case, sand is supplied together with a stream of water under pressure. Due to the force of the pressure of the jet, grains of sand become abrasive and additionally clean the surface. This method of cleaning is successfully used, for example, when removing rust from metal building structures, cleaning building facades, stone, and concrete floors.

The field of application also determines the requirements for the reliability and resource of the device. In professional washers, a reliable and powerful metal pump is always installed – a pump, and the time of continuous operation can be almost around the clock. For comparison, in household washers, this figure is one hour per day.

Professional pressure washers can be equipped with both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, gasoline or diesel. Electric ones can use both the voltage of a household electrical network of 220 V and adapt to an industrial current of 380 V. Models with internal combustion engines are more autonomous, they are better suited in cleaning a large surface area or separate structures located at a distance from each other.

How To Use a Pressure Washer?

  • Remove all dirt from the place you intend to wash
  • Connect your hose to the water inlet
  • Ensure that the hose is free from any clogs
  • Set the machine at the required pressure. This depends on the place you are washing
  • Turn a faucet on
  • Release the air pressure by squeezing the wand trigger
  • Start the engine/motor
  • Allow the water to run through the machine for like 60 sec to prime the system. Do not let it idle for a long time. This is because the pump can get overheated hence causing problems
  • Hold the machine with your two hands with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Start with low pressure going all the way high.

Basic rules for the use of high-pressure washers

Pressure washer – an effective cleaner

Pressure washers are widely used in all spheres of human activity: from everyday life to agriculture and industry. It is not a luxury for a long time, but, rather, a daily necessity for those who are used to keeping clean.

The principle of operation of the mini-wash is quite simple. Gasoline or electric engine drives a special pump, which creates the necessary pressure and ensures the supply of water to the hose. The resulting water pressure makes it easy to cope with various types of pollution. A good mini-wash can be used to wash a car, clean roofs, walls, or other surfaces, clean paths and sidewalks, etc.

Store in a designated place

Before you buy a pressure washer, you should take care of the conditions of its storage in advance. The device should be stored indoors, away from the effects of physical and climatic factors. In winter, it will be advisable to pour antifreeze into the unit.

Intended use

All pressure washers can be divided into various categories, each differs in performance and scope:

Medium. They are suitable for washing cars, land, homes.

Higher. Devices that withstand prolonged daily loads and the most serious pollution.

Professional – special equipment of the HD class, designed to solve industrial problems.

These differences are significant to consider to understand which one to buy for specific purposes.

Observe continuous operation

The operating potential of a washer depends on the manufacturer and the technical parameters. If for cars in the initial category, the limit becomes one car per day, then for professional devices, this figure is higher. It is also essential to observe the continuous operation mode indicated in the instructions. In some devices, it can be 10-15 minutes, in others – 20-30 minutes. After this wash, let it cool and rest.

Wash the place from the foam

If you use foaming agents, at the end of the operation, it is important to clean the foam and household residues, rinse them, and let it run for 1-2 minutes with clean water. This will avoid the negative effects of aggressive chemicals that may remain on the parts after work.

Application of Pressure Washers

Clean house walls- A private house requires care not only inside but also outside. In the spring, after the snow melts on the walls and the roof, there is a coating of leaves, chemical impurities from rainwater, sand, and dust brought by the wind.

With a pressure washer, you can wash off the dirt and then maintain the surfaces clean. Thus, you can clean up the paved paths around the house, and in the gazebos, and in the garden. The device significantly simplifies the process of cleaning surfaces of residential and farm buildings and reduces time costs, and also saves water compared to manual processing.

Washing cars- The most common and familiar method is washing the car. Apply water, apply detergent, and leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Everything is very simple.

Garden equipment and tools- A car is somehow corny. Try washing your garden equipment, such as a cultivator, lawnmower, or other garden tools. It is enough to simply change the nozzle to a jet to bring down all the dirt from your tools.

Washing bikes– In the summer, this may not be so true, but in the off-season, that’s it. The main thing is to dry the bike well and grease all moving parts after.

Walkways– A method familiar to many is washing the garden paths. Even though this is part of the street, they also need care. For the thorough removal of contaminants, it is necessary to wash with the use of foam.

House windows- Washing windows outside is always a time-consuming process. The pressure washer will help to facilitate it, and it will wash away all the dirt in a matter of seconds both on the glass itself, and on the frames and window sills.

Washing the carpet– Previously, carpets were knocked out, but now you can easily wash the carpet in your area. Apply the detergent, wait a few minutes, and rinse off.

Garden furniture– The furniture stands on the street all season and is exposed to external factors, like rain and wind, which carry dust and dry foliage. Sometimes dirt is so deeply embedded in the furniture material that it is difficult to remove it manually. Therefore, washing in this matter is indispensable.

Facade- Few people think about the cleanliness of the facade, and this is the appearance of your site. It can take a lot of time and effort to wash such a large surface, but if you have a pressure washer, the procedure will not become so tiring for you.

Removes old paint– It will be very easy to remove a thin and peeling layer of old paint. The main thing to remember is safety and protect your eyes with special glasses.

A pressure washer is of high importance in this new era. It not only makes work easier but also cleans the intended area thoroughly. You just need to know how to use a pressure washer effectively.


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