Do You Have to Use a Septic Safe Toilet Paper [2021]

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Is your septic tank at home safe? This is the question that most people who have septic tanks at home probably ask themselves. Well, Septic Safe Toilet Paper claim that they are right. And some toilet papers claim to be better than the others.

And if this is true, which ones are those that make your septic tank safe? Just like those wipes that claim to be flushable and in reality, they aren’t some tissue paper are also like that.

Having a toilet paper is essential to us. And you can find it in most of our toilets. The primary purpose of the toilet paper is to use it after you have gone to the bathroom mostly. The toilet paper is made up of very thin and very soft papers.

It is very vital to people as they use it all the time to clean themselves after going to the toilet. Instead of using water to clean yourself, it is good to use toilet paper after you get rid of bodily waste and urine from your body.

There are so many alternatives to use instead of toilet paper. For example, countries such as Asians, instead of using toilet paper they prefer using water to clean themselves. A toilet paper is usually rolled around, and it is made of paper. The roll paper is used to support the tissue, which is generally hanged in the toilet.

When you flush your waste in the toilet, your content directly goes to the septic tank. In there, some reliable such as tissue papers and the flushable wipes usually sink and settle at the bottom, producing a layer known as sludge that builds up after a long time if the septic tank is not cleared in a long time.

Some of the slugs decompose due to bacteria that are alive in the septic tank. Due to this accumulation, you should make sure that your septic tank is pumped now and then.

Most people suggest that the best toilet paper for the septic tank should be the one that can dissolve into small particles hence minimizing the space that it occupies the moment it gets into the septic tank.

What To Consider When Buying Tissue Paper

There so many brands of tissue paper. How can you choose the best one that is friendly to your septic tank? Well, here are the things you should consider when buying tissue paper.

  • Make sure that the tissue paper you are buying does not contain any traces of chlorine. Any tissue paper that contains chlorine is not suitable for use to you as a person and also to the environment
  • When buying the tissue paper, you must consider the roll size of the tissue because may have to buy more toilet paper for septic when the size of the roll is bigger
  • Be on the check out to see how many sheets are there in the toilet paper
  • Have a close and keen check to find out if the toilet paper is made up of recycled content. Recycled content is usually not good for the septic tank. Be on the lookout!
  • It may require you also to read at the back of the toilet paper to see what the manufacturer says about tissue paper.
  • Make sure that your toilet paper is not very thick. The more the toilet paper is compressed, the more it is likely to cause a blockage. Be careful

If you have to protect your septic system, then you have no other option than to consider buying the toilet paper that ifs friendly to the septic tank. Not all septic toilet paper is helpful to your septic tank.

Never the less for you to choose the best personal hygiene tissue paper for you and your family at home, you must understand how toilet paper usually affects your septic system and other available toilet papers.

Effects of Toilet Paper To Your Septic Tank

Regardless of the toilet paper that you and your family use at home, the personal hygiene that you put affect your septic system. Whenever you use and flush a toilet paper, it goes all the way to the septic tank and waits there until when you have the whole system dumped.

This can only mean that the more you continue to use toilet paper, the more it continues to accumulate itself to the septic tank. It is essential to note that whenever any solids are deposited into the septic tank, there is no chemical device that breaks the whole waste down. It can only be broken by the water and the bacteria that stays in the water tank

The toilet paper that you choose will contribute a lot to the health and well-being of the septic systems. Having in mind that it is water and bacteria that are the septic tank that is in charge of breaking the toilet paper over a certain period, then you realize if you buy a thicker toilet paper, the more it will take more time for it to break down.

You should also know that the more the tissue is dense, it is likely to clog drainage pipes, and this can lead to pipes breaking or even busting, and this will cause more trouble.

Thin septic toilet paper will take less time to break compared to the thick toilet paper. And it rarely fills your septic tank. The much you use multi-ply toilet paper, the more likely you have to pump your septic tank.

It is advisable to use single-ply toilet paper in moderation, and you don’t have to pump your septic tank pumped now and then. If you are careful to look in the market, some toilet papers are written they can dissolve quickly to give you septic tank longer life.

What To Look for While Buying Tissue Paper

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Any tissue paper will break down when it gets to the septic tank. However, bio gradable toilet papers will take less time and water to break down, and it will likely dissolve much quicker compared to the other types of toilet paper?

Never the less it is essential to note that biodegradable toilet paper is not as soft neither is it thin chick as more available alternatives. It also tends to be more expensive compared to the other standard toilet paper, but it is septic tank friendly

Used Toilet Papers

Used toilet paper or somewhat recycled ones contains few chemicals such as bleach that usually tamper with the natural bacteria balance in your septic tank. Often, this bleach will kill or rather minimize the existence of helpful bacteria in the septic tank hence slowing down the rate at which the waste is dissolved.

Do You Have to Use a Septic Safe Toilet Paper

For you to maintain a healthy septic system, it is okay if when you are buying a toilet paper, you read the ones that are written septic safe. They are so many in the market. When doing so, you are assured that your toilet paper will quickly dissolve.

If you feel in your heart that you do not trust the manufacturer, then you are always free to look for the toilet paper that has been certified by an organization that is a nonprofit one. Consider checking it in the National Sanitation foundation it usually checks products that concern health and the environment

If you are still not particular about your toilet paper, then you can decide to take the following experiment to check if your tissue paper is of the best quality and if it is friendly to your septic tank

  • Take a few brands of toilet paper from a different manufacture
  • Put four to five pieces of each in a clear jar
  • Fill the jar with water then shake vigorously for a few minutes
  • Then after you have done all that, you can check if your toilet paper has broken and dissolved into tiny pieces if you happen to be lucky, the one that happens to break and dissolve will be the best product. It even has higher chances to disappear even in the septic tank.

By doing this test, it will show you how Septic Safe Toilet Paper is different and how they dissolve. And this can help you decide which one is the best for your septic system.

If you realize that different brands of them suspended, then you can always check other factors such as how soft the toilet paper is to help you make the right choice on which toilet paper you should consider buying.

If you are having issues with your septic tank, then you should consider the above information to make sure that you maintain a healthy and hygienic septic tank by the right use of toilet paper

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