Top Ways To Buy A Used Toilet Brush Cleaner

A toilet brush cleaner is an item used for cleaning toilets. It consists of a handle on which the brush is located and a cup holder. The handle and stand of inexpensive brushes are usually made of plastic, and the brush bristles are made of polyethylene.

In more expensive options, metal, glass, and ceramics are used. The toilet brush should be periodically disinfected with household disinfectants (the most economical option is bleach ) or changed every three months due to the multiplication of dangerous microorganisms. Disinfectants and detergents are added to the cup holder.

Nowadays, some people are opting for a used toilet cleaner due to various reasons like not having enough money. But this does not mean that you should go for something of low quality and poor design. You should look for that item that will serve you for a prolonged period.

Then design and thoughtfulness of details are given great importance; such an ordinary thing as a used toilet cleaner can become a stylish accent in the interior of your toilet room.

Innovations in functionality and design did not pass by such an object as a toilet brush, and today you can choose something more attractive than a standard plastic brush, which you want to hide in the farthest corner of the toilet room.

Ways To Buy a Used Toilet Brush Cleaner

Many people do wonder how they can buy a used toilet brush. This is not a hard thing to do, but you have to make sure that you choose the right item. There are numerous ways of buying a used toilet cleaner;

  • Check if the handle is too flexible and slips out of your hands and is comfortable to hold.
  • Give preference to model- When buying, it is better to give preference to collapsible models. They are convenient to wash, disinfect, and dry. Parts can be replaced if necessary.
  • Soft fibers do worse with bristles; therefore, buy used toilet brushes with hard bristles.
  • Do not buy brushes in which the bristles are attached directly to the metal base; they can scratch the toilet cover.
  • And of course, when buying a used brush, do not forget about the importance of maintaining the integrity of the design of your toilet room.
  • Check its design

How can one buy the right used toilet brush? First of all, pay attention to the type of design. A classic brush is floor-mounted and is stored in a special capacity-stand. This traditional option is considered the least hygienic, since the brush is constantly in the wet state and is not ventilated, which provokes the development of bacteria. The wall model is not much different.

In this case, the brush also inserts a container that is only hung or fixed on the wall. The overhead storage method is considered the most hygienic and suitable. In this case, the brush is hung on the hook, and the water that drains from the brush falls into a special container. Thus, the product is ventilated and dries.

In addition, today, you will find multifunctional models that, for example, combine a brush and holder for toilet paper, a container for cleaning products, and so on. They represent a single rack with several holders or containers.

This design is perfect for a compact bathroom, in which there is little space. Collapsible models are easier to wash, process, and dry. Besides, if necessary, you can replace only the head, and not buy a new product as a whole;

When choosing a material, keep in mind that plastic products often break and last a short time. Therefore, it is better to choose metal brushes. It is a strong and reliable material that will last a long time.

Choose a practical and ergonomic product that is comfortable to hold in your hand. A suitable option would be an item about 50 centimeters from a durable and smooth material. It should not bend or break much when used. A brush should be made of hard artificial materials to quickly and reliably wash dirt.

What You Ought To Do Before Using a Used Toilet Brush

A toilet is one of the places in the house that accumulates a large number of bacteria and microbes. Therefore, it is important to care for it, wash, and disinfect it properly. Before use, moisten the brush in water and add a little antibacterial. Then you will wash away the dirt faster and perform additional disinfection of both the brush and the plumbing fixture.

By the way, the detergent composition can be added to the brush and the toilet. Take the product by the handle so that it fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip in the process. At the same time, take the brush not close to the head. Rinse off dirt carefully without sudden movements so as not to spray water around on the walls and floor.

After the procedure, drain the water in the toilet twice. At the second discharge, wash the brush and shake well to remove excess moisture. Shake the inside of the toilet bowl as close to the water as possible so that splashes and bacteria do not get on the surface around. Then put the brush in place while trying not to drip on the floor.

What is Used Toilet Cleaners Made of?

Plastic brush – is presented in two varieties: entirely made of plastic and a metal rod with a stand made of plastic. Most often, plastic brushes are floor structures, but there are also models without a stand. Despite the fact that their price is available to all consumer segments, such devices are not the most reliable.

Glass toilet brush – due to the material from which the flask is made, this brush is most often presented in a wall or hanging variety. Using a metal holder, the bowl is fixed to the wall. Floor modification is equipped with metal legs or a stand.

Silicone brush – appeared on the market relatively recently. The beauty of the material is that it does not absorb water and does not contribute to the growth of bacteria. Such an accessory, if properly stored, will last you a long time.

Appearance is perhaps the most important component in the matter of buying a used toilet cleaner. This is so, if only because many of us are limited to the first impression (visual) of the subject and do not even read about its description and characteristics.

How To Make Sure You Buy The Right Used Toilet Cleaner?

  • It should have a convenient design (preferably ergonomic or collapsible);
  • It should be unpretentious in leaving, to wash and dry easily;
  • It should match the interior of the restroom.

What To Look for When Buying a Used Toilet Cleaner

To successfully combat pollution, it is important to choose a high-quality brush. Modern, high-quality brushes differ in;

  • Practicality;
  • Durability;
  • Usability;

When choosing a used toilet cleaner, it is worth paying attention to some important features.

  • The handle should not be too short or vice versa too long.
  • It should be made of solid, smooth material (non-bending).
  • The bristles should be moderately stiff and made of artificial material. A too soft brush will not be able to clean the surface.
  • The brush should be combined with the general interior of the toilet room. Do not catch the eye and do not stand out against the general background.

Toilet brush disinfectants will help keep this accessory clean and fight germs and bacteria. Indeed, for disinfection, it is not enough just to wash the brush with a soap solution. It is better to use specialized chlorine-based cleaning products-for example, Domestos.

When working with chlorine-based products, gloves must be worn, as chlorine can cause burns to the skin. It is possible to carry out disinfection with the help of vinegar essence. Always wear rubber gloves and, if possible, protect the airways.

To combat microbes and bacteria, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid, and a solution of manganese are suitable. For disinfection, you can prepare a solution from improvised means: mix soda, vinegar, and boiling water. In the resulting solution, leave the brush for one hour. This simple solution perfectly disinfects the toilet brush.

After buying a used toilet brush cleaner, ensure that you wash and disinfect it properly before use. To wash and disinfect the product, use chlorine-based products: suitable whiteness or cleaning bleach. You can take acetic or boric acid, potassium permanganate, or hydrogen peroxide.

A suitable tool would be a mixture of any cleaning agent, half a glass of soda, a quarter glass of vinegar, and 0.5 boiling water. Soak the brush in this solution for an hour, and it will completely get rid of bacteria.

Always wear gloves when cleaning! After the procedure, rinse the product in water and hang to dry the brush. Rinse the container and wipe dry. Then be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, even if you worked with gloves on.

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