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How To Use a Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair?

In many homes, hair has become a problem. The accumulation of ours together with that of our pets can become a stressful situation. Did you know that human beings shed at least 100 strands of hair a day? Throwing our hair around the house is something that we literally cannot avoid, however, there are alternatives that can help us.

That is why long hair vacuum cleaners have offered a solution to this problem thanks to their innovative system that allows them to vacuum long hair effectively. It must have happened to you before that one of your vacuum cleaners was ruined by constantly entangling your hair in the brush.

Next, I will explain how to use a special vacuum cleaner for long hair.

How To Adapt Your Long Hair Vacuum for Different floors?

To clean hardwood floors, carpets or tiles, you simply have to press the power button and adjust to the mode of the floor to be cleaned, in this way your vacuum cleaner adapts to the indicated brush to give a perfect hook with the surface.

The roller will begin to rotate with great force, if you feel that it becomes very forced to push to continue vacuuming, you can make some movement on the object, for example, the carpet, in order to decrease the suction power and help remove the most difficult dirt.

What Is The Correct Way To Move The Vacuum Cleaner?

It really is very easy to do. The key move is to swipe from back to front and back. Keep in mind that the effect of sucking the dust happens mainly when it recoils.

The best thing to do is to do this movement slowly since if you do it too fast it is likely that you do not collect all the dirt well.

How Do You Adjust To Clean Different Places?

These vacuums have multiple accessories to perfectly adapt to the objects or places you want to clean. It is as simple as changing the end of your hose and placing the ideal element for vacuuming, be it furniture, curtains, or whatever you need.

Prepare to start vacuuming

Organizing the place is key to saving time and cleaning much better. If you pick up those little things that you do not want to be sucked into while cleaning you will not be trying to avoid them all the time and you will be able to visualize the area much better. It is also a way to avoid damaging your vacuum cleaner if a blunt object gets stuck.

For this reason, it is also recommended that you clear the area by moving furniture or other objects that may become an obstacle on the road.

You should know that the absorption capacity of these is very high and that you could damage unwanted items if you do not take this precaution.

What Place Do You Want To Aspire To?

It is important that before taking action with your vacuum cleaner, determine the places to clean. If your goal is to clean curtains or wall rugs, you must first attach the extension hose that will allow you to reach these higher places.

The hair also stays there too, so it will be very rewarding to get rid of them and see how your curtains or wall rugs look like new.

How To Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair?

Checking your vacuum frequently is necessary. Especially if the hair we usually suck is very long and abundant; This is what you must do for its maintenance:

  • Visually check if any of the parts that your vacuum cleaner uses has any obstruction. If you find any strand of a strand, remove it carefully to avoid future problems.
  • Long hair vacuum cleaners are used more frequently, so you should check their internal components and check that there is no obvious damage.
  • for different uses and it is important that you carefully store each one for use when you need them.

How Does It Work on Carpets, Rugs, and Hardwoods?

 If you want to clean your carpet, rugs, or wood; she will do it without problems and very easily.

What Can a Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair Clean?

In addition to long hair or pets, it will also clean dust, pimples, or other small objects such as pieces of cloth. It works perfectly to remove the dirt that we usually find on the road.

Why Do I Need a Long Hair Vacuum?

Conventional vacuums have a vacuum system that is not powerful enough to pick up large amounts of hair, even those that are designed to pick up pet hair support short strands, but not long strands.

The brush roller designed to collect long hair and the suction power of these vacuum cleaners, allows the cleaning process to happen effectively without jeopardizing the correct operation.

How Does Your Suction System Work?

This special feature is the one that allows the hair to easily reach the bottom of the vacuum cleaner due to its great suction capacity.

What happens with conventional vacuum cleaners is that due to their weaker power, it allows a large amount of hair to get stuck towards the passage of the container, obstructing the air path and further reducing the machine’s ability to collect dirt; which sometimes ends up damaging the device.

Special brush roller design

Much has been done so far to improve the quality of the brushes and avoid tangles in their bristles. When choosing a vacuum cleaner you should make sure that this is one of its characteristics since if you intend to collect hair constantly it is necessary to have the best brush resistant to tangles.

There are new models that have completely updated this bristle system and have replaced them with blades; being these much more efficient at the time of collecting the hair since as a rule, it allows it to slide and cannot be tangled.

This benefit makes them an excellent option when deciding on one.

Brush roller control

A rotating brush works great for deep dust and dirt removal from many surfaces such as carpets, however, this feature could cause some strands of hair to get tangled between the brush and decrease its potential.

 These vacuums will also let you turn this rotary feature on or off; avoiding any possibility of entanglements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I maintain the filters of my vacuum cleaner?

Frequently. Vacuuming hair can dirty our filters faster than usual, so we must clean them at least once a month.

How often should I vacuum my home?

Ideally, vacuum often enough to avoid seeing dust and hair accumulate. Twice a week will be enough to keep it clean.

Does vacuuming pet hair and hair reduce their lifespan?

No, this is false. There are other factors that could affect its operation, such as hitting the machine, storing it in unsafe places, sucking on objects that are not suitable because they could break them, and not doing regular maintenance.

How many years of useful life does this type of vacuum cleaner have?

Its useful life can be maintained for up to 15 years, using it frequently. It is possible that after the first five years you have to change some accessories or spare parts since they are electrical appliances and may require some type of maintenance over time.

Do high AMPs and voltages generate a better cleaning finish?

Despite the fact that a high-power motor is one of the factors that generate a better cleaning finish, there are models that despite not having great power, have larger fans that guarantee a really effective cleaning.

Is a wired or cordless vacuum cleaner more recommended?

To say this you must evaluate your house and its accessibility to the current. If you want to clean places that are difficult to access or do not have a power outlet, it is better to choose a wireless one. On the other hand, if the places where you will operate are easily accessible, you can choose one with cable.

Having a vacuum specially designed to collect hair will give you the freedom to trust that it will not stop working from one moment to the next or gradually lose its effectiveness.

You will rest from the boring habit of constantly raising the brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove with your hand the hair tangled in its brush, in order to continue this work.

These types of vacuum cleaners perform all the functions normally and you should only take care of doing the maintenance as I have suggested keeping it working perfectly.

You should also bear in mind that the use of an accessory in this type of vacuum cleaner is essential since it will allow you to reach complex places and adapt your vacuum cleaners to the type of upholstery or floor you are cleaning on.

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